Oct 242015
Grandparents Recreate UP In Real Life

Most people who turned on the popular Pixar animated film UP never expected to become teary eyed so quickly. But that’s exactly what happened when we saw the romantic story unfold. Jason Lyle Black‘s grandparents have been together for most of their lives. In honor of their anniversary, the two 80 year old recreated the iconic music from UP on the piano together. This emotional video has gone viral with over 700,000 hits!


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Jul 032015
Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time

Every culture, nation, and country takes pride in their food. But Italian mothers and grandmothers take this concept to the next level. So BuzzFeed thought it would be fun to invite a group of real Italian grandmothers into their studio to have them taste test “authentic” food from the “McDonald’s of American Italian food,” Olive Garden. Their reactions are priceless. 


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Jun 302015
Grandmas Attempt To Define Modern Slang Words

You know you are getting older when you hear kids and teens speaking and you don’t fully understand them. That’s just the cycle of life. What was once cool and hip slang can just as quickly become boring and old. So Elite Daily thought it would be fun to gather a bunch of grandmothers and quiz them on modern slang words, like bae, whip, and more! 


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May 172015
Blowing Up Granny’s Car Prank

Roman Atwood knows how much his grandmother’s car means to her, so he decided to have a little fun. He told her he needed the car for a gun shooting scene he was filming, but that the car wouldn’t be damaged. Of course, the car exploded on ‘accident.’

This is the second time Roman pranked his granny, so to make things right, he surprised her with a brand new Chrysler. 


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Apr 272015
Arresting Grandma For Stolen Car Prank

Famous YouTube prankster Roman Atwood couldn’t just let his grandmother’s birthday pass by without a prank. So he decided to take her for a joy ride in his sweet Nissan GT-R sports car. After convincing her to get behind the wheel, he had his police buddies pull up and arrest her as the car was allegedly stolen. So mean! 


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