Apr 052014
Honest Trailers Of Grand Theft Auto V

The gaming world was in a frenzy when Grand Theft Auto V finally debuted. 

Though the hype has seriously calmed down, Smosh Games and Honest Trailers have only teamed up now to give fans an honest trailer for the popular car stealing game. 


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Oct 132013
Movie And TV Show References In Grand Theft Auto V

Movie-obsessed Cinema Sins constantly has the silver screen on the mind, so it’s no surprise they couldn’t help but notice countless movie and TV show references in the latest video game to take the world by storm, Grand Theft Auto V.

To help viewers out, they compiled clips from the game and added the familiar music and sounds to complete the homages. 


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Oct 012013
Grand Theft Auto 5 Prank

Don’t try this latest prank by Roman Atwood at home folks. 

In honor of the newest Grand Theft Auto video game to take the world by storm, Roman dressed in a sketchy outfit and asked strangers if they wanted to participate in illicit activities that are showcased in the M-rated game. 

People were shocked, intimidated, and scared by Roman’s offer until he revealed that he was just asking them to play GTA V with him. 


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Sep 282013
‘Dumb Ways To Die’ GTA V Parody

Back in 2012, the Australian Metro went viral with their cutesy music video, Dumb Ways To Die. 

Naturally, countless spoofs and parodies emerged. 

Now, with the current obsession of Grand Theft Auto, gamer obsessed brysi has brought the trend back and made this humorous GTA V-themed Dumb Way To Die spoof music video that is trending. 


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Sep 212013
Girlfriend Ruins GTA V For Boyfriend

The popular pranking couple of Prank vs Prank naturally had to make a special video in honor of the new Grand Theft Auto V that is all the rave right now. 

Naturally, Jesse is already hooked on GTA V, so much so that his girlfriend Jeana is feeling neglected. But she figured she’d take advantage of his new addiction to finally get some prank revenge. 

And it seems viewers agree with her obstructing tactics, as the video is quickly going viral through the weekend. 

Already, the new clip has amassed over 800,000 views!


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