Jun 072013

Liberty Speaks reports that the school district of Pickens County has ruled that “prayer was no longer going to be performed at any school functions including graduation.” 

This didn’t sit well with many in the community, including valedictorian Roy Costner. To right what he felt was wrong, he included a short prayer in his valedictorian graduation speech.

The crowd made it very clear that they completely supported him by erupting into applause. Now, video of his prayer has gone viral, amassing over half a million views just over the past few days, and has been covered on CNN, NowMSN, Fox, Yahoo, and ChristianPost


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Jun 042013

Oprah was just trending after Harvard published her Commencement speech to the graduating class of 2013. But graduation season has only begun.

The latest celeb to make a splash online is web favorite Bill Nye The Science Guy who addressed the 2013 graduates of Lehigh University.

Bill “challenged graduates to nurture the “joy of discovery” and bring their talents, insights and education to bear in solving the world’s most complex problems.”


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Jun 032013

Naturally, graduates of Harvard enjoy commencement speakers of a higher caliber. But the class of 2013 were extra lucky, as world famous Oprah Winfrey was their guest of honor to speak at commencement. 

Harvard published video of the speech over the weekend, which has been seen over a quarter million views, and is covered on publications including Reuters, Forbes, and HarvardMagazine.


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May 202013

It’s that time of year again. Every year when the weather begins to warm countless prestigious institutions rally famous celebrities and comedians to speak at their commencement or graduation. Naturally, the speeches are extremely popular.

This year, students at University of Virginia  lucked out as web favorite Stephen Colbert was recruited to deliver the 2013 Valedictory Address at the school

He’s had practice, as the Comedy Central star went viral in 2011 after giving a speech at Northwestern

Already, the video is trending as the new week begins, and has appeared on TheStir, DailyOfTheDay, UpRoxx, NowMSN, and LaughingSquid


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Jun 082012

Ahh, June. The last few schools left are all conducting their closing ceremonies. A time of positive speeches and figurative pats on the back, right??

Breaking away from the norm of the ‘everyone is a winner’ mentality, Mr. McCullough took a different approach. As commencement speaker, he gave the graduating class of Wellesley High School a big spoonful of reality, with no sugar on the side. 

You’re not special, you’re not exceptional.”


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