Apr 072015
GoPro Camera Found In Field Contains Video From Skydiving

Swede Kristoffer Örstadius‘s father found a GoPro camera in a field that appeared to have been there for several years. When they checked the memory card they found it was still good and had a video from a skydiver. Apparently, the GoPro was dropped by one of the divers in the middle of a jump. Now, this video has gone viral with over 850,000 views!


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Feb 112015
Pole Vaulting With A GoPro Is Awesome

Pole vaulting is not for the faint of heart. It’s a sport that takes intense commitment. So it’s no surprise pole vaulter Allison Stokke admits that she and her co-vaulters are  “a little crazy.” Ride along with Allison as she jumps a pole equipped with a GoPro camera

Mind blown.


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Feb 112015
Wild Owls Dance For GoPro Camera

Wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz put her GoPro camera down on the ground in front of a burrowing owl hole. She never expected to capture such entertaining footage of the owls apparently dancing. This video has instantly gone viral with over 2 million hits!

Music is Back and Forth by Aquadrop.


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Jan 272015
GoPro: On the Ice with the NHL

The world’s most famous and ubiquitous pocket-action camera, GoPro, has just announced a new partnership with the NHL. To celebrate this new cooperation, famous hockey players, such as Patrice Bergeron, Sidney Crosby, Taylor Hall, and more, all showed off their incredible skills while wearing GoPros. The footage is simply thrilling. 


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Jan 062015
Australian Firefighter Wearing GoPro Battles Bush Fire

Fires are always a serious matter, but it extremely dry Australia they can be devastating if not quickly contained. Yesterday, volunteer firefighters battled a powerful bush fire in Adelaide Hills. Volunteer firefighter Ben Wilson wore a helmet camera during the blaze, and captured this heart-racing footage. You can donate to the Country Fire Service here.


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