Apr 232014
Leopard Steals Recording GoPro

Cats are notorious curious. And that apparently applies to big cats as well. A ranger at MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa placed a recording GoPro camera on a stand to capture the wild animals. What he later found was that his camera was misplaced in the bush. After checking the footage, he discovered a mother leopard and her cub found the camera, and after curiosity got the best of her, took it with her into the bush. 


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Apr 072014
Spherical Panoramic Bike Ride Will Blow Your Mind

German photographer Jonas Ginter has gone viral with his impressive 360 degree video he created using six GoPro cameras and a special mount he 3D printed. 

For the ultimate effect, he went for a bike ride while wearing his contraption that takes viewers on a stunning spherical panoramic ride. 

Mind blown!


Via DailyOfTheDay

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Apr 042014
Quadcopter Flight Over English Coast Captures Stunning Footage

Using a quadcopter he built himself and a GoPro camera, videographer Mon0bLE captured what he calls “The best thing I’ve ever filmed.”

And it’s hard to argue with him. 

Standing by his hotel window, he controlled his flying camera as it flew over the North Cornwall coast of England near Newquay

He claims apart from the obvious cuts and transitions there was no further editing or computer enhancements.

The footage is truly stunning and even awe-inspiring. 

Get ready for a crazy ride. 


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