Jul 032015
Waterskiing Squirrel Is The Best

It wasn’t only humans who entertained crowds at this year’s X Games Austin. Twiggy the squirrel entertained guests with her impressive waterskiing skills. Her human controlled a toy remote control boat in a small pool that pulled a tiny platform perfect for Twiggy to grab onto and waterski! The GoPro camera on the back of the boat captured the entire scene in this viral video!


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Jul 022015
Great White Shark Attacking Divers In Shark Cage Is Terrifying

Many tourists enjoy sharks up close and personal in the safety of a shark cage. But it can still be a terrifying experience as Hillary Rae and her friends learned. She and a few others were in a shark cage on the coast of South Africa when a giant 11 foot Great White Shark attacked them and gnawed on the bars of the cage. Chilling. Who needs Jaws when you have real life?


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Jun 172015
Skiing Is Much Cooler With 8-Bit Style Graphics Added

Norwegian skiier and filmmaker Nikolai Schirmer hiked up Norway’s Isskard Glaicer and skied down while wearing wearing a GoPro camera. Afterwards, he added 8-bit style graphics to his video to make it seem like a real life 8-bit virtual reality video game


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Jun 082015
Fan Catches Line Drive Barehanded

Many kids bring a baseball mitt with them when they go to the big game in the hopes that they might have the opportunity to catch a homerun. Micah Graves was at the opening game for the minor league baseball team Biloxi Shuckers in Mississippi when a line drive was hit into the right field side stands where he was sitting. He stood up and caught the ball barehanded. The best part? He was wearing a GoPro camera on his head which captured the entire scene


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May 192015
GoPro Records Blackbird’s Nest

Harvey Young noticed a blackbird’s nest in his garden that had four eggs, so he placed his trusty GoPro camera above the nest to record Mother Nature in action. A few days later, the eggs hatched, and he captured the adorable footage of the four baby birds begging mama for some yummy worms for breakfast. Amazing!  


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