Apr 012015
Google Fiber Launches Introducing Dial-Up Mode For April Fools

Google loves April Fools Day. For this year, Google’s Internet department known as Google Fiber has debuted this commercial for dial up service. You know, that archaically slow Internet connection that goes through the phone line.

Because sometimes it’s nice to wait five minutes for YouTube to load up… 


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Apr 012015
Google’s April Fools Smart Mailbox Is Actually A Good Idea

Google’s Gmail is one of the most popular and famous email services online. In honor of April Fools Day Google made this hilarious commercial for a ‘smart’ mailbox for the home that has touch scanners, connects to bluetooth and more.

It’s actually not that crazy of an idea. 


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Dec 162014
Google Search Year In Review 2014

The past 12 months have been a crazy ride, and it all took place on the number one website in the world, Google. The world’s most popular search engine helped users find what they were looking for literally trillions of times in 2014. In honor of 2014 coming to a close, Google put together this gorgeous year in review wrap up video covering the best in media, sports, news stories, celebrity, viral memes, and more! 



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Oct 282014
Google Glass Is Only Good For The Camera Short Film

Most people have heard of the facial mini-computer called Google Glass, but few have ever seen or used one. Filmmaker Casey Neistat got his hands on a set of Google Glass, and finally gave it a test run during a trip to Europe. He really likes it, but admits that it’s only good for the camera and that the battery life is weak. 


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Sep 052014
Asking Google How Many Zeros Are In A Googol Has Ridiculous Result

Google’s name was actually inspired by a googol, a number so large, it has 100 zeros. But what happens when you ask Google Now how many zeros are in a googol? As Benjamin Tripp found out, you actually get a very accurate result


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