Apr 162016
Google StreetView Inception

Most of us take it for granted today, but it was only a few years ago that GPS was an expensive luxury only the rich could afford in their cars. But today, anyone can look up an address on their phone and see what it looks like on the street, thanks to Google’s StreetView. A few years ago, Vlakkeland was messing around with StreetView while on the John and noticed a strange error. Eventually, he found StreetView Inception. Only now has this 3 year old video gone viral with over 100,000 new views!



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Apr 012016
Google Cardboard Plastic

It’s finally one of the Internet’s favorite holidays. Apirl Fool’s! For this year, Google debuted this commercial for their latest high tech product. It’s called Cardboard Plastic and it’s as basic and analog as it gets. 


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Dec 162015
Google Year In Search 2015

It’s truly amazing how the world has changed in just the past ten years. It wasn’t that long ago that users had to go to Yahoo, AOL, or even Altavista to search the Web. Now, there is only one dominant player in the search world. We’re obviously talking about Google. It’s so commonplace, it’s become a verb for searching the Web. 

To close the year right, Google created this artistic masterpiece featuring all of the most popular searches of 2015. Everything is covered, from the gold and blue dress, Catlyn Jenner, protests in the USA and around the world, political uprisings, triumphs, and defeats. 


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