Nov 102014
Ghostbusters VS Mythbusters Rap Battle

Nerds love ‘busters of all kind, be it the Ghostbusters or the Mythbusters. But which ‘buster is best? Sure, the Ghostbusters can zap and capture even the most powerful of ghosts, but the Mythbusters can simply disprove their existence. To finally decide who is king, the two competed in an Epic Rap Battle. So, who won?


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Feb 072013

Back in the 80’s, there were few things cooler than the Super Mario Bros. and the Ghostbusters. Now, twenty years later, the two popular franchises have finally been melded together by the genius mind of James Farr.

The nerd animator created this Super Mario Busters animation video that has garnered over 100,000 views in less than a week.


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Oct 162012

With Halloween just around the corner, goblins and ghosts are on people’s minds.  was thinking about his favorite ghost movie, Ghostbusters, and realized a familiar beat from the recent viral music video originating from Korea, Gangnam Style.

Naturally, the remix artist expertly mashed the two musical numbers together for a one of a kind beat. The week old video already has over 175,000 views, and is featured on HuffPost, Neatorama, and BuzzFeed


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Aug 192012

Popular and very quirky  channel is back with another famous music number covered using old computer floppy drives

Some music just fits the crude, stiff sounding noises a floppy makes, and the Ghostbusters theme song is one of those. That 80’s rock beat just melds so well with the computer parts from the same time era. 


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