Dec 142013
Germans Try To Say The Word “Squirrel”

Rupert93r posted this video back in March, but the video has gone viral again now, amassing over 300,000 new views.

Though many Germans can speak English perfectly well, they have trouble pronouncing many words. 

Like ‘squirrel.’

In this video, ten Germans try their best to pronounce the name of the fluffy tailed rodent.

“To be fair, most native English speakers can’t say the German word for “squirrel” (eichhörnchen) either.”


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Nov 032013
German Band Rakede Performs Table Concert

German rock band Rakede has gone viral with their impressive week old video, Tischkonzert, or Table Concert

They only employ empty beer bottles, a table, and their voices to produce a one of a kind sound that the web is loving. After appearing on popular forums such as b3ta and Reddit, the week old music video has quickly caught viral fire today.

Redditor Lasersauce was kind enough to roughly translate the song into English. 


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Sep 252013
German DJ Flula Performs Baby Got Back With Sir Mix-A-Lot In His Car

Eccentric and popular German DJ and YouTube character Flula performed another auto-tune pop song cover in his car, this time choosing the 90′s hit Baby Got Back.

But to make this video extra special, he had the pleasure of performing with the actual artist, Sir Mix-A-Lot. It’s 90′s meets 2000′s, and it’s awesome. 


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Sep 222013
World’s Smallest Legit Crossbow

Extreme slingshot specialist Joerg Sprave has really moved past the simple rubber band powered slingshot to far more complex shooting devices. 

This time, he demonstrates his new crossbow which he claims maybe the smallest functioning one in the world. Even though it seems small, and is again only powered by rubber, the little bow packs a serious punch. 


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