Mar 082013

YouTube fitness expert Dave Wavey gathered all of his lesbian YouTuber friends, including uber-popular online ‘chef’ Hanna Harto, to ask them all the same question on camera.

What do lesbians think about penises?

Their answers are enlightening and entertaining. Now, the video stands with over 90,000 hits, is already covered on Guyism, Reddit, and ShockMansion


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Mar 052013

There’s no question. LGBT marriage rights is still a hot button issue in America. Most people who oppose new gay marriage legislation make claims, such as ‘The sanctity of marriage will be ruined.’

But is that really the case? To show just how much of a non-issue gay marriage really is, NonRandom NonSense made this hilarious, and extremely sarcastic, Ultimate Anti-Gay Marriage Ad.

The brand new video has already collected over 725,000 views, and is featured on BostonTowelRoad, BuzzFeed, and TheDailyWhat


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Feb 262013

Malibu, California is naturally a little more flamboyant than the rest of the country. So when the LGBT-hating Westboro Baptist Church decided to hold one of their hate-filled protests in Malibu, reporter and professional real-life-troll Brick Stone just had to interview the WBC protesters for a chance to go viralviral as he has before in the past

Comic Dave Sirus asks the church members questions like, “Would you hug ‘a gay’ if God asked you?” and “Have you ever wondered how good gay sex must be if people are willing to go to hell for it?” 

Their reactions are priceless. 


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Feb 192013

The New York City subway is famous as city’s the stage for the outrageous and the ridiculous. Out of nowhere, a scene can emerge, be it funny, serious, or even dangerous.

Elena Beloff was on her daily commute when a preacher started ranting about how ‘the gays’ were destroying society. Nothing out of the ordinary just yet.

But then a man stood from his seat to rebuke the preacher as a ‘hater’ and a false prophet, resulting in an LGBT rights debate. Finally, he announced that he was in fact gay, and yes, Jesus loves him.

With that being said, the train car burst into applause!


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Feb 012013

On the second week of January, Jonathan Rudolph‘s son’s school held a just for fun award ceremony for the seniors, handing out awards such as ‘Class Clown’ and ‘Most Likely To Succeed.’

Jacob Rudolph was awarded ‘Class Actor,’ but had more to say than just thanks in front of the microphone. He took his opportunity in front of over 300 peers and teachers to finally come out of the closet.

He announced that he’s done acting on a day to day basis as someone he isn’t. He’s done acting straight. He is an LGBT teen. 

Now, the two week old video has over 550,000 views.


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