Jun 272013

The past two days have been extremely exciting for the LGBT community with DOMA and Prop 8 both falling.

YouTube is proud to openly support the LGBT community, and has just published this Show your pride. Share your love. #ProudToLove video to make sure everyone knows it!

The compilation video features countless famous viral videos of past YouTubers coming out, telling their stories of perseverance, or offering their support to others that, yes, it does goes better



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Jun 122013

When Jonathan Allen turned 18, his parents kicked him out of the house. Not because he was a delinquent, and not because he was a bad kid. They kicked him out because he is gay. How sad and unoriginal. 

But that never stopped Jonathan from pursuing his dreams of being a singer. Alone in the world, he made it all the way to the America’s Got Talent stage to cover Luciano Pavarotti’s now forever recurring talent show piece Time To Say Goodbye

After the closing the song, the entire audience jumped to their feet, including all the judges. 

“Your family may have disowned you, but with your talent, this show has become your family,” said Howie Mandel. 


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Jun 062013

Not only did Danielle ask her long time girlfriend to get married at the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show in Omaha, Nebraska, but the band and their tour manager helped her do one better by orchestrating this video of her popping the question on stage in front of the entire cheering audience.

Danielle Renae published the video of her emotional marriage proposal in April, but it is trending now after appearing on BuzzFeedUpWorthy, and HuffPost


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Jun 052013

Openly gay YouTuber Hart Beat still receives questions from ignorant people along the lines of, “If you like women so much, how come you don’t dress like one?”

To answer such a ridiculous question, Hart had to give an equally ridiculous answer. So she explains, “I like watermelon,” and proceeds to dance around his living room in a real watermelon bikini and bra

“Just because you love something doesn’t mean you have to dress like it?” 


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May 212013

While America and other Western countries are hyper focused on the debate over same sex marriage legislation, many people overlook the fact that 76 countries in the world still criminalize people of the LGBT community. 

Around the globe in 2013, gays are still treated as second class citizens, with some even facing the death penalty.

UN HUMAN RIGHTS posted this commercial, titled The Riddle, last week to expose the injustice and violence millions of LGBT people endure with the hopes that one day they won’t have to.  


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