Feb 032013

As was hinted by super YouTuber Ryan HigaWonderful Pistachios enlisted South Korean superstar PSY for a Superbowl commercial.

As expected, PSY dances and sings in a special Wonderful Pistachios-themed version of his worldwide mega hit Gangnam Style music video.

Naturally, the special nut parody is going viralviral right after the big game, as Gangnam is currently the world’s most viewed video with over 1.25 Billion views


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Feb 032013

Last year, M&M’s stole the spotlight with their adorable and hilarious Sexy And I Know It Superbowl commercial.

Attempting to keep the views rolling in, M&M’s again place Ms. Brown and idiotic Mr. Red at a party in their Superbowl commercial where, of course, he is ‘devoured‘ and she is not. 


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Feb 032013

Soda Stream is the new at-home water carbonation soda maker system that is taking the soft drink industry by storm.

For the Superbowl this year, they made this commercial pinning a Coke deliveryman against a Pepsi one, as seen so many times before in the feuding beverage companies’ commercials.

But usually, one of the men comes out on top. This time, they both fail, as Soda Stream doesn’t need bottles to be delivered. 

As CBS is so tied up with the mega corporations, they actually coward under pressure from both Coke and Pepsi to not air the commercial.

CBS actually complied, but now the Streisand-effect is occuring, and the commercial is going viral specifically because it was ‘banned.’ Now, the advert, which is less than a week old, has over 2.5 million views and counting. 


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Feb 032013

In this adorable video submission to Toddle Tale, toddler Lydia walks for the first time while grandma takes the video. Mom and granny both cheer in applause, and even Lydia shrieks in triumph!

But then, the family dog stole the show by taking a squat next to the new walking star, and dropping a poo. Probably in spite for stealing all the attention. 

If that wasn’t funny and adorable enough, Lydia fell over and landed right on the little turd.  


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Feb 012013

Back in the 90’s, all the talk in television world was the cartoon The Simpsons, the animated series that was famous for toilet humor and pushing the envelope. Funny how today it’s basically considered a tame kids show. 

The show had finally ‘made it’ when Oprah took part in a Behind the Scenes special that included having an Oprah avatar on the show. Now, this clip from the special has started to trend again. 

Click here for part 1. 


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