Apr 142014
Man Does 30 Animals Sounds

RudiRok is one talented man. He can’t sing, and he can’t dance like so many talented folks online. Still, his ability is impressive. He can imitate barn animals to near perfection. Horses, cows, cats, pigs, he’s got them all down pat.  

This video covering 30 popular animal sounds has gone viral over the weekend. 


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Apr 142014
Kids React To Walkman Cassette Player

The Fine Brothers last went viral with their enlightening video showing kids from today reacting to an old fashion rotary phone. The kids just had no idea how low-tech the world was just a few years ago.

For their next piece of technology to confuse the children of this generation, they showed a group of kids what used to be the coolest piece of tech a kid could have: a portable cassette Walkman.

Nearly every kid initially reacts with, “What is this thing?”

Slowly, very slowly, they start to figure it out.  


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Apr 132014
The Luckiest Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Is Also The Worst Player

Julian of Indiana University seemed to be on a roll. Over and over the player before him kept messing up giving him the perfect opportunity to steal the game on Wheel of Fortune.

Even more so, he seemed to be the luckiest spinner ever, hitting the million dollar prize, and the two pieces to win a car.

It seemed he had only one thing going against him during the game. Himself.   

Oh man, just look at that face! Better luck next time. 


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Apr 122014
The 50 Most Frustrating Moments In Video Games

Everyone on the Internet loves to play video games, be it GTA, Mario, or Call of Duty. But with video games comes frustration. 

Water levels, campers, blue shells, it never ends!

The list lovers at BuzzFeed Pop cover the 50 most frustrating moments in video games in this new video


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Apr 122014
Eating Junk Food At The Gym Prank

The gym is a place to chug water and energy drinks. That’s about it.

But BigDaws doesn’t follow to rules. When he hits the gym, he brings all his favorite goodies to fuel his fire. Brownies, donuts, candy, you name it, if it’s junk food he’s chowing down on it at the gym. 

Naturally, other exercisers at the gym are shocked. 


Via 22Words

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