Mar 172014
Hidden Camera Captures Dog Gleefully Playing On Off Limits Bed

When the owners are away the dogs shall play.

Russian pet channel Ignoramusky reports that this pup isn’t supposedly to go on the bed. But the dog’s owners figured something was up when they were out of the house. 

Their suspicions were proven valid after setting a camera which captured their dog gleefully playing on the off-limits furniture while they weren’t home. 

The adorable video has gone viral over the weekend with over 2.5 million views!


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Mar 162014
Old Spice’s New Shaver Commercial Will Have You Asking WTF?

Old Spice is well known online for their outrageous commercials, but they have just upped the ante significantly with their latest ad promoting their new electric shaver

While NFL star Terry Crews is shaving with the new electric shaver he encounters a ‘hair’ that is actually a clone of himself. The commercial only goes deeper down the rabbit hole as it progresses. 


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Mar 152014
Audi Voice Controls Can’t Understand Norwegian Guy’s Accent

Today’s brand new Audis are packed with technology and voice controls. The problem is, you have to have a proper English accent, otherwise the computer will have a hard time understanding you. 

Just watch as this Norwegian guy tries over and over to make a few simple voice commands only for the computer to completely misunderstand him

Now that’s a serious first world problem.


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Mar 152014
Mario Kart Honest Trailer

Mario Kart is one of the most popular party video games. Even non-gamers love to jump in on the multiplayer action. Smosh GamesScreen Junkies, and The Warp Zone teamed up to bring this hilarious trailer for the Nintendo racing franchise that has gone viral over the past week with over one million views


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Mar 152014
Different Disney Characters Sings Let It Go Mash Up

How many times can people cover the hit song Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen? Apparently as many times as viewers will watch. 

The trick is to add a little spice to your cover to stick out from the crowd. And that’s exactly what singer Brian Hull did. 

He sang the hit tune as a mash up of countless famous Disney characters, such as Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, Sebastian from Little Mermaid, Pumba from Lion King, and more!


Thanks Sarah!

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