Jul 112015
Jennifer Lawrence Sings Believe By Cher

It’s hard for The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence to do anything that the Internet doesn’t love. While visiting Conan O’Brien, Jennifer Lawrence explained that anything she sings could easily become a number one hit, even if it’s just one liners from Cher’s Believe


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Jul 102015
Claw Machines ARE Rigged

We’ve all tried to play that claw machine at the laundromat or mall. And it seems the machine has got to be cheating. Just when your stuffed animal is about to drop into the shoot, the claw seems to always just let go. Well now it’s official. Last month, it was revealed that most claw machines have a special algorithm that allows owners to control how often the claw actually has full power to pick up a toy, reports Vox. This video has over 2 million views!


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Jul 102015
How Jurassic World Should Have Ended

Even though the summer movie season has only just begun, it seems there is already a winner for the top grossing film for the season. Jurassic World. Fans are still pouring into the theaters even though the film has been out for some time. But as usual, those in Hollywood didn’t end the film perfectly. That’s why the movie review nerds at How It Should Have Ended have stepped forward to explain how the dino-film really should have ended


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Jul 092015
Seven Unexpected Ways To Chop An Onion

The Internet loves a good life-hack video that demonstrates how to complete an annoying task in an easier, more effective manner. Parody cooking channel You Suck At Cooking explains seven ways to chop an onion in this viral video. After the first demonstration it becomes apparent that this is not your average cooking show. 


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