Dec 122013
The Simpsons Christmas Couch Gag

It’s almost Christmas, and The Simpsons are getting into the holiday spirit with style.

In honor of Saint Nick, Fox’s Animation Domination posted this very special holiday-themed ‘couch gag’ Simpsons intro

Fans will recognize the introduction, except with a Christmas twist. 


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Jul 092013

By now, most people are familiar with the ubiquitous Razor kick scooters favored by kids and teens alike. Even with the multiple electric versions, the scooter is getting old. 

Thankfully, Razor Scooter USA is bringing Christmas in July as they have just announced their latest gotta-have product. The Crazy Cart.

As the driver of the electric powered miniature go-cart sits so low to the ground, even the novice can easily execute amazing drifts in any direction, spin 360 degrees, and perform other sick maneuvers that would otherwise be impossible on a conventional kart.

The Cart is only available at Toys R Us, and only for a short time, so start saving up now as the ride doesn’t come cheap at $399.


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May 052013

Just Give Me A Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess quickly became a pop music staple after debuting in February. The music video currently stands with over 93 million plays. Naturally, countless covers and parodies have flooded the web since. 

So what makes this latest cover by Michael Henry & Justin Robinett so special? Besides for knocking the song out of the park musically, the duo musicians both switch from playing the same shared piano to their own drum set on each of their sides.  


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Feb 062013

Pink, or P!nk as she is now requesting to be typographically presented, is the latest big name musician to instantly go viral after debuting a new music video. 

Just Give Me A Reason, featuring Nate Ruess of Fun, has quickly risen as one of the top trending videos of the day. 


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Dec 262012

Remember when retro-techy BD594 went viralviral with their Somebody That I Used To Know cover using old computer technology? Now, that parody video has over 3.3 million views

Well, they are back with another pop music cover using the same equipment; this time, they took on Fun’s hit single We Are Young.


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