Apr 242013

NSFW Warning – language content

YouTubers Nikki & John, like so many other emerging prankster couples, are self proclaimed ‘crazy pranksters in love’ with over 480,000 dedicated fans. 

A few days ago, Nikki was vlogging about her new pet lizard when suddenly, the lizard got a little over-excited, and dropped a load on her lap.

She appropriately freaked out, screaming and shrieking, while her lover John can be heard laughing in the background.

Jaisen Paff loved the video, but must admit John’s cackling in the back was the definite icing on the cake, saying, “Johns laughing in the background LOL.”

Now, the video has collected over 100,000 hits


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Apr 202013

All firsts in life are exciting, be it a first bike ride, a first kiss, or a first day at college.

Zac2595 published this video of him successfully completing his handrail skateboard trick way back in 2008.

Only this week has his epic reaction gone viralviral, amassing over 300,000 hits in less than a week.

After riding on a handrail with his skateboard for just a few moments, the kid lands, tears off his shirt, and screams, “Yes, YES, YES! I DID A HANDRAIL!”

He then looks up to the sky and proceeds to freak out a little. 


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Apr 142013

Online prankster Roman Atwood is famous for his daring pee prank where he seemingly urinates in public but really just uses a water bottle to recreate the splash effect. He’s executed the prank many times before, but just his pee-pranking the police video alone has garnered over 13 million hits

Recently, Roman noticed a seemingly very fit and healthy Ferrari owner park in a handicapped-parking spot. To give the guy a rebuke, Roman fake peed on the Italian luxury-sports car just as the owner was walking towards his precious baby. 

The man proceeded to freak out

“It’s a f***ing Ferrari!” the man screamed as he attacked Roman. “I can buy your whole family mother f***er!”

Just to get at the guy one final time, Roman gave the car one last squirt before running away with the raging Ferrari owner right at his heels. 

For those defending the angry, violent man, YouTuber TimmmYmmmiT sarcastically adds, “Totally forgot that it’s okay to park in a handicap zone if you drive a Ferrari when you’re not handicapped. Makes sense. Also water isn’t going to harm your car. I guess when it rains you would be terrified.”


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Apr 032013

Magician Rahat blew the web away with his viralviral, and utterly hilarious, drive-thru prank when he concealed himself as the car seat, fooling fast food workers into thinking a ghost of sorts was driving the car.

Someone must have ordered from the microphone and driven the car up to the service window, but it appeared empty. Now, that creative prank video from January stands with over 32 million views.

Like Hollywood, Rahat knows too well not to let a good thing just die out, so he has returned to prank the drive-thru, but with an even better twist this time. 

He constructed a fantastically realistic ‘headless shirt’ to appear as a tall man wearing a jacket with no head. Naturally, the girls freak out, even more than in the last prank.

Could anything be more terrifying than working the drive-thru window late at night, and a man hands you a twenty with no head on his shoulders?


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Mar 132013

“We’re pregnant” reaction videos are nearly always adorable and touching. This reaction video by Ryan Dean is especially emotional, and has been trending more than ever even though the clip is nearly three years old. 

Ryan and his mom have a long going tradition of giving each other gifts on his birthday each year. After all, mom was the one conscious on his big day; she was the one who gave birth. 

Well, for his birthday in 2010, Ryan and his SO gave his parents the best gift of all. After mom opened her regular gift, Ryan said, “We have something else coming, but it’s not going to be here til September.”

After just a few stunned moments, mom and dad realized that he meant a baby was on the way. They were going to be grandparents, and, naturally, completely freaked out. 

To make matters even more special, they had been trying to get pregnant for three difficult years.

Ryan was proud to update his video months later with, “UPDATE: My daughter was born on September 24th, 2010.”


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