Nov 142014
Dad Gets Super Annoyed At Son Asking Ridiculous Questions In The Car

YouTuber Aaron Film Nerd told his dad that he had a sociology assignment to interivew his father on video. The thing is, Aaron asked his dad the most ridiculous questions he could think of. Dad was not amused and quickly became irate. The Internet can’t help but laugh at the way dad becomes so frustrated so fast. 

“Just ask me an honest question!!”

Be warned, dad does not hold back and drops some adult words. 


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Nov 102014
Glow Stick Explodes After Kid Microwaves It

Just because something sounds like it might be cool to try doesn’t mean you should actually do it. Curious Jack made such a mistake. He wanted to see what happens when you microwave a glow stick. He found out when the glow stick exploded all over his face after zapping it. Dad was not pleased with his son. But don’t worry, Jack’s brother explains that besides ruining his shirt he is OK.

This clip has gone viral over the weekend with over a million hits so far!


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Nov 042014
Glozell Freaks Out From Smartphone Spider On Hand Prank

Magician Chris Ballinger invited YouTube star Glozell onto his show to perform a mean, yet extremely hilarious, spider prank. He placed his smartphone on her hand which appeared to show spider walking across her hand on the screen. She warned him not to mess with her and actually put a spider on her. When she turned her hand over and discovered an actual fake spider, she freaked out, screaming, “I Told You Not To Do That!”


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Aug 112014
Baby Goes Crazy Over TV Remote Control

Most people love their television shows. This little baby doesn’t even watch Sesame Street yet, and still he is in love with the TV remote. Just the sight of the remote makes him freak out in excitement. This video by Evelyn has gone viral with over 100,000 new views!


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