Jul 292013

David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox expressed some serious anger and frustration during Saturdays Orioles-Red Sox game. After striking out and arguing with the ump, Ortiz was ejected from the game. 

That only made “Big Papi” rage even harder, until he finally lost control and smashed a telephone in the dugout with a bat to pieces, nearly hitting his teammate’s head at the same time. 

“I don’t think that phone is gonna work anymore,” commented one clairvoyant announcer. 

Now, the official MLB video is trending into the work week. 


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Jul 102013

What good is being in a relationship if you can’t capitalize on your significant other’s vulnerabilities in a YouTube video?

Two months ago, James Williams had the perfect opportunity to prank his girlfriend, and he took full advantage of it.

After she fell asleep on the couch with the TV still on, he quietly and carefully constructed the elaborate scare prank

Based on the terrifying ghost girl from the 2002 horror flick The Ring, he placed a similar looking creature in front of the TV to make it seem that it too was a real monster emerging from the two-dimensional screen. 

James most likely never expected his girlfriend to freak out to such an extent, but at least her reaction is validation that his prank was truly terrifying. 

Now, the video has gone viral, garnering over 700,000 views


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May 132013

Code Films posted this video over a year ago, but it has only hit the viral video scene over the weekend, amassing over a quarter million views in just days.

In the cute clip, a kitten practices its stalking skills on a lizard on the floor as a second lizard follows behind the kitten unnoticed. Then, the second lizard accidentally brushes up against the kitten, surprising the cat and causing it to jump up and freak out.


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Apr 242013

NSFW Warning – language content

YouTubers Nikki & John, like so many other emerging prankster couples, are self proclaimed ‘crazy pranksters in love’ with over 480,000 dedicated fans. 

A few days ago, Nikki was vlogging about her new pet lizard when suddenly, the lizard got a little over-excited, and dropped a load on her lap.

She appropriately freaked out, screaming and shrieking, while her lover John can be heard laughing in the background.

Jaisen Paff loved the video, but must admit John’s cackling in the back was the definite icing on the cake, saying, “Johns laughing in the background LOL.”

Now, the video has collected over 100,000 hits


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Apr 202013

All firsts in life are exciting, be it a first bike ride, a first kiss, or a first day at college.

Zac2595 published this video of him successfully completing his handrail skateboard trick way back in 2008.

Only this week has his epic reaction gone viralviral, amassing over 300,000 hits in less than a week.

After riding on a handrail with his skateboard for just a few moments, the kid lands, tears off his shirt, and screams, “Yes, YES, YES! I DID A HANDRAIL!”

He then looks up to the sky and proceeds to freak out a little. 


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