Nov 112013
Elderly Man Explains The Nature Of His Pet Fox

 of LPSCreativeMedia presents this enlightening video about the misunderstood fox. 

The clip showcases an elderly man who has adopted a rescued fox. He explains that the fox is often painted in children stories as the villain when in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“The fox looks like a dog, purrs like a cat. But in fact is neither. They have the nicest nature of any animal I have eve met.”


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Sep 252013
Fox Screaming In Backyard What The Fox Actually Says

The hit Norwegian comedian single What The Fox Say by Ylvis has truly taken the Internet by storm, and currently stands with over 53 million views!

But that got YouTube viewers wondering, what does the fox actually say?

Luckily, Ki Steiner posted this video way back in 2010 of a real fox in their backyard screaming the sound of a fox.

Before the Ylvis hit single Ki’s nature clip barely had any views, but now it has exploded with over 350,000 new hits!


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Sep 172013
Mike Tyson Hits Two Bulls Eyes In A Row Playing Darts While Blindfolded

FOX Sports has a tradition of asking their celebrity guests to throw a few darts while blindfolded. This time, world famous boxer Mike Tyson was the competitor. 

After his first decent throw that hit the board, he incredibly hit two bulls eyes in a row! Again, while blindfolded!

As YouTuber DoubleDungeon says, “Even without the blindfold that’s impressive.” 


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Sep 022013
Fox News Anchor Falls Asleep On Air

YouTuber Cassie Slane appropriately titled this clip recorded from cable TV new channel Fox News Tucker All Tuckered Out! as news anchor Tucker Carlson fell alseep on the air.

After being roused by his giggling co-hosts, he explained that he was up late the night before.

Now, the clip has amassed over 350,000 hits, and has drum up a politically-charged, rowdy conversation over the agenda of cable news channels. 


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