Jul 202011

When you’re a little kid at a baseball game, all you dream about is catching a foul ball. The odds are against you, but you don’t understand that. You assume, like every kids’ baseball movie, the little boy should catch the foul ball and then be hired by the home team. That’s how the movies work, right?

This little boy learns his lesson when a foul ball just narrowly misses him, and instead he has to watch the grown ups one row in front of him celebrate with their new ball. The camera and announcers just love this sulking, pouting boy so much that they make sure he and his brother get a free ball in the end. Now all is good. The video is featured on Guyism


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Jun 102011

You have to be a really horrible person to steal a ball from a little girl. And only a worse person would steal a foul ball from a girl at a baseball game. Good thing the cameras caught her and now the whole world can see what a mean woman she truly is.


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Jun 092011

People have been bringing their baseball mitts to games for years. Fans are just waiting for a foul ball to fly their way. This fan forgot his mitt, but that didn’t stop him from catching a foul ball heading directly at him. He just used his popcorn bucket. This is actually genius. Delicious and useful. The video is featured on BlameItOnTheVoices.


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Jun 012011

Most viral videos of foul balls and little kids or dads is when one of them catch the ball in an amazing way. There’s even this viral video of a dad holding his daughter and catching a foul ball. Now that’s a real man.

But this dad does the opposite. He picks up his daughter, but when the ball comes heading his way, he drops his daughter, and then he drops the ball also! When he goes back to his daughter, she rightfully pushes him away. And the award for crappiest dad at the Dodgers game goes to…


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