Oct 212015
Marching Band Puts On Epic Marvel Halftime Show

Ahh, it’s finally football season again. And with college football comes the marching band. Long gone are the days of boring halftime performances by the marching band. Now, fans and the Internet expect serious entertainment. And the Spartan Marching Band of Michigan State University has delivered with this epic Marvel performance


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Sep 242015
High School Kicker Accidentally Hits Referee’s Head And Scores Field Goal

This just might be the rarest field goal score ever. A Midland Lee high school football kicker in Texas seemingly accidentally kicked the ball much too low to score a field goal. But incredibly, one of the referees was standing right in the path of the ball which bounced off his head and scored a goal! This video has instantly gone viral!


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Sep 032015
Marshawn Lynch Sells Skittles on EVINE Live

Home shopping television networks all seem to follow the same setup and formula. As a fun gag, NFL star and SKITTLES lover Marshawn Lynch was invited onto shopping network EVINE Live to help sell the delicious fruity candy in the same awkward way so many other products are sold on TV. This clip has gone viral with over 600,000 hits!


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Aug 202015
Arizona Rattlers Football Player Dances With Cheerleaders

At the football stadium, men and women have two different jobs. The men play the game and the women lead the cheering. But one Arizona Rattlers football player changed all that at a recent game. While the cheerleaders were putting on their dance performance, he joined their ranks and showed that even men can dance. This guy has got some serious moves! This clip has gone viral with over 1.25 million views!


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