Mar 172014
Coach Jim Harbaugh Does Push Ups With Walrus

While visiting Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaughhad an itch to do some exercise. There were no football players around so coach Jim instead had a push-up contest with Siku the walrus. The question is, did he win?


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Feb 182014
Nick Cummins Says The Craziest Things Compilation

Australian rugby footballer Nick Cummins certainly has a way with words. Rugby channel Western Force put together this hilarious compilation of Nick’s best sayings. The video has already amassed over a quarter million views

Though he speaks English, few can understand him. Does anyone speak Aussie? 


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Feb 012014
Messing With Super Bowl Fans

Football fans takes their team honor very serious. So as a fun gag, popular online prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with J Stu to mess with Super Bowl fans in New York City. 

As Denver and Seattle fans anxiously awaited the big game, Stuart, dressed in a Seahawks jersey, messed with Broncos fans while Stu, dressed as a Broncos fan, bothered Seahawks supporters. 

Most laughed along, but some were not happy to have their honor smeared. 


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Feb 012014
Johnny T’s Guide To Attending The Super Bowl

New Yorker Johnny T of the popular puppet channel Glove and Boots made his viral debut back in September explaining simple tourist tips for visiting the Big Apple. 

Now that the Super Bowl is being held in Met Life stadium in New Jersey, the unofficial backyard of NYC, Johnny has returned to offer a guide to attending the Super Bowl in his metro area. 


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Jan 282014
Brits Describe The Super Bowl

For every else around the globe, American football and the Superbowl can be quite confusing. 

BuzzFeed asked their British friends a few questions about the much anticipated game to get a glimpse of how the Redcoats perceive football. 

Spoiler: they don’t get it at all.


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