Feb 032013

Remember the best sign flipper who went viralviral and even made it onto the Ellen DeGeneres Show? Well, it seems like he may be part of a dying breed, because the robots are coming to take our jobs. 

Stealing Axion already noticed and then documented one case where Little Caesars has enlisted a robot instead of a person to shake their notorious pizza signs. Already, the new video has collected over 200,000 hits


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Jan 282013

Back in the early days of YouTube, surprise drive-thru raps performed by the customers seemed to be a trend everyone was getting into. It’s been years since that trend died down, and now online hip-hop artist M.r. B. is bringing the fad back.

He and his fellow Belmont University peers drove down to their local Wendy’s and performed a bangin’ hip-hop food order at the drive-thru. Not only did the clerk get the entire order perfectly, but the crew loved the music so much, they gave them their meal for free.

Now, his new video Wendy’s Drive-Thru Rap has gone viralviral, appearing on Today, Smosh, and DailyWhat


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Jan 272013

In an interesting turn of events, Wonderful Pistachios has hired top YouTuber Ryan Higa to star in a Super Bowl-themed YouTube video with a sub-focus on the green nut lobby. 

The video Best Super Bowl Commercial hints that Ryan was supposed to star in an actual Super Bowl ad, but may have been shelved to feature Gangnam Style creator PSY instead.


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Jan 232013

Now that gluttonous junk food favorite Epic Meal Time has climbed the YouTube ladder to the near top, the Canadian crew has spotlight power once unimaginable. 

Case in point, British celebrity health food chef Jamie Oliver has been featured in their latest episode, which is appropriately titled Fish and Chips Filet.

Naturally, the Canadians kidnap their cousin from across the pond and force him to sit idly by while they create the most epic fast food fish sandwich ever, made up from fifty Filet-o-Fishes and, of course, tons of fries and bacon. 


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Jan 232013

Videos of shocked farmers and cooks cracking an extraordinarily large egg only to discover an entirely intact egg inside, in addition to the usual yolk and egg whites, has been seen by the web before

Nevertheless, ‘eggception’ videos seem to always go viral in their own right.

The latest person to open an ‘eggception’ egg is Sean Wilson. After he weighs the ginormous egg, he cracks it into a hot pan only for another normal sized egg to fall out along with the first egg’s whites and yolk. 

Naturally, he is more than surprised. “O. M. G. There’s an egg in the egg! I can’t believe that. I just can’t believe it!”

Now, his week old video already has over 925,000 views


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