Oct 232012

 is a channel run by a girl with a true love for her furry friends. She has a camel, multiple dogs and cats, and even a fox

And boy does this fox love marshmallows. They’ve been his favorite treat ever since he was a baby, and as a special occasion, she gave him the whole bag at once. It’s interesting to see the red fox’s instincts kick in to save some of the excess for later, much like a dog will bury their bone.


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Oct 162012

The more the Internet seeps into the real world, the more the real world seems to seep back into the web. The latest example of this phenomenon comes from a brand new  web commercial. 

The pasta brand teamed up with the parents of the web famous baby brothers from Charlie Bit My Finger to destroy over 500 million views of adorableness with just one sell out commercial


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Oct 162012

Time flies when you’re having fun, and on the Internet, we’re always having fun. It’s crazy that just two years ago a couple Canadians calling themselves Epic Meal Time went viral with an outrageous fast food pizza video

With swift action, the buddies turned their serendipitous fame into one of YouTube’s most popular channels, standing with over 2.8 million subscribers. 

For their two year anniversary, Harley Morenstein and the crew make a special double decker deep dish fast food pizza in honor of their humble beginnings. 


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Oct 152012

The marketers at  have learned from so many other brands that if you put in the right effort, and don’t insult your audience, you can make a truly viral marketing video and reap in the free views. 

But you have to do it right, and H&P did just that, commissioning world famous Snoop Dogg to parody his own song, Park It Like It’s Hot

Snoop, along with Internet rap star DeStorm and MTV star Andy Milonakis, drop a sick new beat in honor of Hot Pockets in Pocket Like It’s Hot that has instantly gone viral. Already, the viral commercial has garnered over two million views and 4,000 likes


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Oct 032012

Every parent knows the true hell that is trying to feed your cranky, fussy child. As Louis CK relates about his kids when they just won’t eat, “Just eat it! You’ll die you idiot; eat the food!”

 has the same problem with his cute ten month old son Benjamin. The little guy just won’t eat his baby food. That is, unless, Korean one hit wonder Gangnam Style is playing. 

Then, little Ben is immediately anesthetized and his jaw drops for dad to shovel as much food in during the short window. The adorable video just went viralviral, and is further featured on HuffingtonPost, Blippitt, and DailyPicks


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