Jul 052012

It’s no shock that in the latest match of the perversion that is ‘competitive eating,’ the king continues to reign supreme. 

 officiated the the first-ever Crif Dog Classic hot dog eating contest on July 4th, at Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn, New York. Unsurprisingly, champion eater Takeru Kobayashi won with a count of 58.5 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes.


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Jul 032012

As a young lad, wanting to try adult flavors is normal. But foods like mustard and hot peppers just aren’t for kids. This little dude learned that lesson the hard way when he was out at a restaurant with his family and decided to sneak a taste of a hot pepper

Instant regret! The video is featured on TheFW, Reddit, and DailyPicks


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Jul 032012

NSFW – language

In honor of July 4th, Epic Meal Time made a special Independence Day tribute. In full 1776 dress, they play the part by cooking up wild game meat; bison, deer, and rabbit. 

And yes the EMT boys are Canadian, but they can step over the line to party with us cool Americans. Happy July 4th!

(Someone at Ubisoft knows their target audience well, and teamed up with  to spread their new Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer.)


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Jul 012012

Ahh, with summertime comes fairs, and with fairs comes the delicious food. Cotton candy is a fan favorite that never gets old. 

But if you do get bored of the same cyou’ve had your whole life, try this new Poppin’ Cotton Candy. What makes it so special? It’s infused with pop rocks

Best. Junk food. Ever! The popular flavors are already sold out, so don’t dawdle. 


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Jun 282012

With all of today’s amazing technology that fails at amazing the youth, a microwave oven is seemingly archaic in comparison. But the microwave is nothing to be scoffed at. It’s an amazing piece of engineering that has changed how the world heats food.

Bill of the  channel details for us how exactly the microwave oven cooks our Hot Pockets just before the commercials end. Also, he explains why some spots are as cold as Antarctica, while others are seemingly hotter than the surface of the sun. It all makes sense with science!


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