Feb 032014
$2 Dollar Hot Dog $1 Dollar Water Music Video

This music video starring Frederick Barr, Erica Barr, and Kyhil Smith is simply outrageous. The song is titled $2 Dollar Hot Dog $1 Dollar Water, and the lyrics don’t get much more elaborate than that. 

Ketchup, mustard, relish, onions! Sauerkraut, jalapenos, what?! 

It’s ridiculous, but the tune will quickly gets stuck in your head. 


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Feb 012014
McDonald’s Reveals How They Make Chicken McNuggets

McDonald’s world famous chicken McNuggets have a bad reputation and are surrounded by controversy. Rumors that they contain pink slime or other nasty mystery meats are abound.

McDonald’s Canada, which has made a name for itself online for its honesty, is taking the gossip head on. 

In this new video, they reveal exactly what their McNuggets are made out of and how they are manufactured. No pink slime here. 


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Jan 312014
Kids Taste Testing Gourmet Food Is So Freaking Cute

Gourmet foods like caviar and even edible gold are common dishes for the elite. But what will regular kids think about these exquisite dishes?

BuzzFeed decided to find out so they held a gourmet food taste test with kids. Their reactions are priceless.  

“I think everything you have is yucky.”


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Jan 222014
Melon Explosion In Super Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys are back!

After a failed project, the two decided to simply pop a melon under the lens of their super slo-mo camera at 2,500 frames per second.

They lit a small fire cracker in the melon and captured the epic footage as it exploded like Alderaan.

Daniel Gruchy made the foolish mistake of sitting right next to the melon, and received a slight bit of melon shrapnel to the head.


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