Oct 132013
Clever Way To Turn Bag Of Chips Into Serving Bowl

This video by Korean YouTuber dool 둘 was posted back in the summer, but has resurfaced recently, scooping up over 300,000 new views

The short clip boats a clever new way to open a bag of chips.

Forget the top and bottom seal. Simply tear a hole in the center of the front and carefully carve out an opening, turning your bag into a serving bowl for all to enjoy. 


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Oct 082013
Kate Upton And Snoop Dogg Hot Pockets Music Video

Back in 2012, Hot Pockets teamed up with rap sensation Snoop Dogg to make a Hot Pockets-themed cover of the hip hop track Park It Like It’s Hot

Now, they have again teamed up with Snoop, and added Kate Upton to the mix, to cover Biz Markie’s hit Just A Friend with a microwaveable snack twist. 

The brand new commercial music video is already featured on LaughingSquid, DailyCaller, Kotaku, and UpRoxx


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Sep 262013
27 Drinks Made From Coffee

Who isn’t addicted to their morning coffee? And their afternoon coffee and evening coffee?

But these days, there’s more than sugar and creamer to add to the mix. 

For this episode of Mental Floss, Craig of WheezyWaiter substituted for John Green to cover 27 different and unconventional drinks to make with coffee. 


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Sep 122013
The Scarecrow Animated Short Film

Burrito restaurant Chipotle in on a mission to not only serve higher quality food than the competition, but to also educate the public on what’s really going on behind the curtain of corporate fast food. 

And what better way to explain the behind the scenes than with a computer animated short film and smartphone app? 

The health conscious company just posted The Scarecrow, a powerful silent film that truly demonstrates just how far off the deep end mass produced ‘food’ has fallen. 

Download the free app at Scarecrowgame.com.


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Sep 022013
Quick Watermelon Smoothie Hack

Happy Labor Day!

To celebrate the last holiday of the summer, YouTuber Mark Rober has just debuted this new video demonstrating how to make a Quick Watermelon Smoothie.

After cutting a small whole into a watermelon, Mark used a metal hanger as an elaborate drill bit to ‘slushify’ the watery fruit in just seconds! 


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