Jul 112012

Remember when the tiny town of Bethel, Alaska fell victim to an elaborate hoax that the very first  would be opening in town?

Taco Bell swooped in for the rescue though, delivering a taco truck by helicopter filled with 10,000 tacos. On the house, of course.

Now, America’s #1, and perhaps only, taco fast food chain has made this official short film recap of the whole story.


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Jul 112012

Every vending machine around the world operates under the same guidelines. The user deposits some form of currency, and the machine then drops the requested item. 

But Australian snack food company Fantastic Snacks wanted to try a different kind of vending machine for their fans to get their hands on a Delites snack. One that doesn’t require currency, but rather, user participation to receive a free snack. 

The resulting machine, dubbed Delite-o-matic, acts more like an arcade game than a vending machine. As the people ‘won’ more and more games, the machine exponentially raised the stakes. 

Soon, the machine had people pressing a button 5,000 consecutive times, or even breaking out in dance in front of a crowded town square. 

The video is featured on PSFK and DesignTaxi


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Jul 102012

McDonald’s Canada just had a viral marketing video pleasing viewers and fans by being more open about their advertising practices. Namely, why the food in McD’s advertisements looks different than the real thing

Now, they are continuing with their very open and honest Your Questions campaign, allowing customers to ask their most burning wonders. In their latest video, McD’s seriously drops the gauntlet and shakes up the fast food world.

They show how to make the world famous Big Mac Secret Sauce, and how to contruct a perfect Big Mac, all by a real McDonald’s chef with store bought ingredients. Of course, the authentic Mac Sauce in restaurants is dairy, so there’s definitely something still kept secret. Which expected from the world’s largest hamburger restaurant chain.

Marketing. You’re doing it right. 


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Jul 092012

Like all news networks, Canadian  channel broke the news of a crime from the day before. Except this ‘crime report’ was as Canadian as it gets.

Apparently, two drunk college girls spotted a bag of very rare Canadian BBQ potato chips in someone’s garage on their walk home from the bars. They stole a bag and started munching on their way only to be stopped by police after the home owner heard noise. 

Even Sergeant Dean Jantzen offering the report couldn’t help but laugh when commenting, “These are first time chip offenders.”


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Jul 052012

After the entire small town of Bethel, Alaska was successfully pranked with the news that they would finally be getting a Taco Bell of their own, Taco Bell wanted to try and make things right.

They couldn’t open a full time Taco Bell in the tiny town of just 6,200 residents, so they did the next best thing. They sent a Taco Bell truck packed with 10,000 Doritos Locos taco to town for everyone to have a communal Taco Bell Tuesday. The best part? The truck was delivered to the town center by helicopter

Read more on Consumerist and ABCNews.  


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