Jul 082014
Super Fast Japanese Cook Makes Pancakes

The Japanese are known for their speed and efficiency. This Japanese chef in this video truly lives up to the stereotype. Just watch as he makes a huge tray of pancakes in moments, and then flips them with perfect form. Looks yummy. I’ll have two please. 


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Jul 032014
A Day In New York City’s Youngest Truffle Dealer

Most nineteen year olds are in college, but Ian Purkayastha decided to follow a different path in life. He’s a dealer. No, not the illicit kind. He deals truffles, exotic mushrooms, and other gourmet food products in one of the Meccas of fancy food, New York City. The foodies of Munchies decided to follow Ian for a day to see what a work day for New York’s youngest truffle dealer is all about. 


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Jul 022014
Tipping Fast Food Workers $100 Will Make You Smile

The pranksters of Simple Pickup recently held an online fundraiser, but for an unknown reason, the money was returned. The bros knew they had to do something special with all the money, so they decided to tip fast food workers. And not just a small tip, but a $100 tip!

Naturally, the minimum wage workers were simply shocked by the charitable act and even hesitated taking the cash. 


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Jul 022014
Cereal Taste Test Between Name Brands And Their Knockoffs

Everyone has at one point in time tried those sad store brand versions of popular breakfast cereals. Do you think you can tell the difference between the knockoff and the real thing? BuzzFeed wanted to find out, so they held a cereal taste test. Do you think you could pass?


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