Aug 222013

Popular cooking channel Pop Sugar is enjoying an extra viral boost after debuting their Ramen Burger at Home video. The ramen burger is simply an Asian-flavored burger nestled between two buns made from ramen noodles. 

The ramen burger fad is further covered on NewsAU, NYPost, HighDef, and DailyDot.  


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Aug 212013

Popular online personality John Green of Mental Floss returns to discuss 28 Famous Foods Named After People. As usual, he surprises viewers with unexpected information, such as the legend that a drunk stock broker was the inventor of eggs benedict, how the sandwich was named, and much more.


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Aug 152013

Last week, Jerry Ascione was trending online for his Extreme ‘Couponing’ video. Jerry has returned with another inspiring video after getting a crazy good deal on Fuze iced tea.

After paying less than a dollar a twelve pack, he loaded his truck with thousands of cans of tea, filled the remaining space with ice, and hit the rough part of town to quench the severe thirst of needy people on the hot, humid Florida day.


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