Nov 252012

Like so many others around the world,  is a little self-conscious. To try and break out of his shell, he has just started, what he refers to as, rejection therapy.

For 100 days, he plans on putting himself in socially awkward situations where most shy and anxious people would fear rejection. 

For day three, his mission was to ask the person at the counter of Krispy Kreme for an order of doughnuts assembled in the familiar Olympics rings layout. He expected a very strong ‘Not possible!’ in response. 

But fate was on his side. The baker behind the desk was Jackie, and she was more than willing to offer only the highest level of customer service. The end product came out great, and she even gave him a hug afterwards!

Now, his week old video has more than 400,000 views


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Nov 212012

 published this amazing chicken love song in October, but, ironically, only went viral now right before Turkey Day. Copies of her music video have been popping up across the web under ‘Gospel Song About Fried Chicken‘ on YouTube and WorldStarHipHop

The chicken lover sings a true, original gospel song about how great fried chicken is. KFC or Popeye’s need to call this woman quick, because this is true commercial gold!


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Nov 142012

NSFW Warning – language!

 just went viralviral after being featured on Reddit. The six year old’s uncle likes to record videos with him, and then dub over his nephew with a gangsta attitude.

In this episode that is going viral, Max tells the story about the time he disrespected at McDonald’s when trying to order a McNuggets Happy Meal.

Don’t be disrespecting lil’ Maximus! “I ain’t four years old no more!”


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Nov 082012


YouTuber  is famous online for eating the strange, disgusting, and just repulsive, all in very short amounts of time.

But he took things to the next level with his latest video, attempting to drink an entire bottle of Everclear, the highest alcohol by volume drink that is safe for human consumption. That’s 190 proof, or 95% alcohol!

Just while opening the sealed box, he breathes deeply to try to calm his nerves. Even this professional drinker knows the wrath of the Everclear.

Amazingly, he is successful, drinking the entire bottle in just 14 seconds! This makes the time he drank an entire bottle of Absolut vodka look like child’s play. 


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