Apr 222013

In our ever shrinking world, nearly all foods have become available to us. If you can afford it. Which got BuzzFeed Video wondering, ‘How Much Food Can You Buy For $5 Around The World?’

They answer this by visually comparing the amount of bananas, potatoes, and even beer you can buy in different countries with the same five bucks.

After just debuting over the weekend, the new video has already collected over one million hits, and is covered on SavvySugar, BestOfYouTube, HuffPost, and BuzzFeed


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Apr 212013

By now, most online viewers have seen the hilarious How Animals Eat Their Food viral video. In just two weeks, the parody of animal eating habits has been seen over 45 million times.

Naturally, many parodies and spoofs of the original have surfaced. Last week, Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues published this cutesy cartoon parody which showcases two animals demonstrating how people eat their food, and now they have gone viral in their own right. Already, the video has amassed over half a million views.  


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Apr 212013

Asian Rocket News has gone viralviral over the weekend with this special video report. They claim to have discovered a specially engineered filter that is so powerful, it can separate the cola flavor and color from Coke

The host demonstrates by pouring a fresh Coke through the OKO filter into a glass. All that comes out is a clear liquid. After tasting, the host says, “It just tastes like sugar water.”

Naturally, many viewers are skeptical of the authenticity of the video and the device. Still, in just two days, the video has collected over 2.1 million views. Read more here


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Apr 152013

True viral video fans will remember six months ago when Jesse Welle of PrankvsPrank got his girlfriend good by adding a hot pepper sauce extract to her sushi. He used some of the hottest possible sauce on the market, and his girlfriend Jeana was absolutely miserable for hours. Now, that older video stands with over 9.7 million views.  

Well, after patiently waiting a long half a year, Jeana was ready to get Jesse back in a similar manner. She made him a nice Mexican dinner, with a mouthwatering burrito for the main course. 

The kick? She added much more hot sauce extract than recommended to Jesse’e burrito

After taking just a few bites, he knew he had been punked. Ironically, he cries how mean it was of Jeana to prank him in this way when he was the one who originally spiked her food with hot sauce.


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Apr 122013

This video of a woodchuck eating an ice cream cone has gone viral! Uploaded by pet obsessed PETSAMI, the cute clip literally shows a woodchuck holding an ice cream cone in the traditional manner, and chowing down. 

Luxs3 can’t help but become over-analytical, asking, “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck didn’t eat ice cream.” 


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