Oct 022015
Bacon Lovers Meet Baby Pigs

Everyone already knows that the Internet is completely obsessed with bacon. What’s not to love about the meaty, smokey, salty, crispy dish? But how will bacon lovers react when they meet a baby piglet for the first time?

BuzzFeed Video decided to find out. So will these bacon lovers stop enjoying bacon? 


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Oct 012015
Smashing Jello With A Tennis Racket Is Glorious

The Slow Mo Guys are famous for taking common everyday items and capturing them on their super slow motion camera. After being begged by their fans, they smashed a glob of jello with a tennis racket in an attempt to cut the jelly into countless little bits of fruity deliciousness. The results are mesmerizing. 


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Sep 232015
Pouring Water Into A Glass Will Leave You Asking WTF

At first, this short clip looks like just a guy pouring some seltzer into a glass. Ok, so what? Except when the guy tries to pick up the glass of bubbling water it turns out to be just a picture of a glass. Whaaat? 

This video has instantly gone viral with over half a million views!


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Sep 232015
Squirrel Steals Milkshake From Trash

Just yesterday, the Internet exploded when a subway commuter captured a large rat carrying a slice of pizza down the stairs in New York City. Now, The Watercooler reports that there are other rodents taking part in this trend of eating human food. A squirrel in Madison Square Park found a delicious milkshake from Shake Shack in the trash, figured out how to open the lid, and pigged out. 


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Sep 172015
School Lunch In Japan

Sadly, in America public schools are notorious for unhealthy food and rude, rowdy students. Things are a little bit different in Japan. Instead of eating in a cafeteria, a few students from each class go and pick up a cart full of healthy, homemade food for the class. The teacher even eats with them. This video from April has gone viral now with over 150,000 new views!


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