Apr 272016
Melting A Giant Jawbreaker

There’s no confusion over what LET’S MELT THIS does on YouTube. They melt stuff. All kinds of stuff with whatever means necessary. In their latest trending video, they melt a giant Jawbreaker candy with a blow torch. 

The results are stunningly beautiful.


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Apr 232016
Truth  Behind Freezer Burn

We’ve all been there before. We come home ready to have that frozen dinner we put away weeks ago only to open it and find it’s all dried up, smelly, and covered with ice crystals. What happened to the delicious dinner? SciShow explains. 


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Apr 212016
Pizza Girl On Kisscam Loves Her Pizza

We’ve all been there before. You’re all alone and it seems like everyone else is together and happily in love. Thankfully, there’s pizza. So during the kisscam at the Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics game, one girl decided to show her true love, her pizza, some serious affection. She even went two handed on her pizza. 


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Apr 202016
Popping A Single Popcorn Kernel Using A Hair Straightener

A hair straightening tool is nothing to mess around with. Hold your hair in between the hot plates too long and you can easily burn your hair. So just how hot can the average hair straightener get? HopeEternity17 found out by holding a single popcorn kernel between the hot plates. The results? Pop!


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Apr 142016
Implanting A Milky Way Candy Bar With Peanuts

Most people think that the only difference between a Milky Way candy bar and a Snickers is the peanuts. That may not be the case, but that’s the most noticeable difference at least. The Food Surgeon wasn’t satisfied with his Milky Way lacking peanuts, so he decided to do a little bit of candy surgery and implant the peanuts. Creepy, yet satisfying. 


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