Oct 162014
How Fast Do Burgers Age

Nearly everyone partakes in fast food once in a while. No matter how hard we try, the allure of a quick hamburger is always there. But perhaps this video will change how you feel about your favorite fast food joint. BuzzFeed took a slew of hamburgers from the most famous fast food places and aged them for the same time. Some get nasty pretty fast, but others disturbingly don’t change much at all…


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Oct 132014
Is it Dangerous To Stand In Front Of A Cooking Microwave?

For years now, ignorant people have been debating the supposed dangers of microwave ovens. Many believe that the fast cooking device emits dangerous radiation that causes cancer. They are right that the microwave cooks with radiation, but Craig of Mental Floss explains that every microwave in America today is safe due to regulated filers. No need to worry. 


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Oct 112014
New York Times Takes Second Graders To One Of New York’s Fanciest Restaurants

The New York Times has realized that you don’t go viral with traditional stories anymore, no matter how interesting or factual they are. So they studied a bit of New Media, and made this adorable story. Instead of taking a renown food critic to a restaurant for their magazine’s fall Food issue, they took a group of second graders. The children were treated to a meal at one of New York City’s most expensive and fancy restaurants, Daniel. The kids enjoyed a seven course meal that would usually cost each diner over $200. 


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Oct 092014
Most People Against GMO’s Have No Idea What GMO’s Actually Are

If there’s one thing Jimmy Kimmel is good at, it’s proving that most people are idiots. Jimmy loves to send his camera crew to Hollywood Blvd to demonstrate that most people have no idea what’s going on. As there’s been a lot of talk these days against GMO’s, or Genetically Modified Organisms, Jimmy sent his crew to the streets to ask people what GMO’s actually are. Not surprisingly, most people against GMO’s have no idea what they are talking about


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Oct 082014
School Lunches Around The World

Peanut butter and jelly, pizza, and sloppy joe are common dishes served in countless school cafeterias around America. But that’s not what they eat everywhere else. BuzzFeed travels around the world in this clip, and serves up yummy meals that school kids eat in Russia, Korea, and more!


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