Mar 192014
Desert River Is Dramatically Reborn In Israel

The Negev desert in Israel is obviously a dry, arid place. But, after years of drought, the Zin river in the desert was miraculously reborn thanks to heavy mountain rainfall miles away.

Villagers gathered as flash flood waters rushed down, quenching the cracked, dusty river bed.

Israeli YouTuber דוד גל-אור מסלולים posted the dramatic video of the rare event onto YouTube


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Sep 112013
Mexican ‘Romeo’ Attempts To Carry His ‘Juliet’ Over Flood Waters

This video by Mexican YouTuber FAZE72, appropriately titled Romeo y Julieta a la Mexicana, or Mexican Romeo and Juliet in English, has gone viral. 

The short clip features a true gentleman Romeo who was determined to carry his lovely girlfriend over the flood waters that had ravaged the street.

Sadly, his intentions couldn’t fully keep her dry. In just two days the video has garnered over half a million views.


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Jul 212013

Most people are familiar with storm chasers, but flood chasers? Do people really chase flash floods for fun and excitement?

Yes! Actually, career flood chaser David Rankin of RankinStudio confesses he’s been chasing and studying floods for over ten years now. 

The latest flash flood he captured on camera was in the Southern Utah desert. After six hours of heavy rain 40+ miles north of his location, he was able to decipher where the flash flood would travel. 

It’s quite the sight to see, and is now going viral. 


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Jun 132013

It’s been a while since a truly WTF video originating from Mother Russia went viral. Finally, the Western web can rest easy now that this crazy video posted by kitrox2 has gone viral, amassing over 350,000 hits

In the short clip, two Russians slowly driving through a flooded underpass couldn’t believe what they encounter. An elderly man, who seemed to resist any form of help, was being pushing in his wheelchair through the high waters by his well trained dog.

Truly man’s best friend. 


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Jan 292013

Australia has been pounded by water over the past few days, resulting in mass flooding. Some beaches have even seen sea foam from the serious flooding. 

But now their brethren in Montreal have been battling flood waters as well after a nearby reservoir burst. McGill University in Montreal, Canada experienced serious flooding after the break, so great that one student was swept away by a river that took over the quad. 

“Dude, somebody should probably go save her!”


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