Feb 172014
Octopus Grabs Scuba Diver’s Camera

Divers Warren Murray and David Malvestuto were swimming off the coast of Point Lobos in Carmel, California when they encountered a serious sea creature of epic proportions. 

A Giant Pacific Octopus found the two divers, and became captivated by Murray’s expensive underwater camera. The octopus actually grabbed the camera, and only let go when Murray activated the camera’s bright flash.

Read more on KSBW.


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Feb 112014
Goldfish Drives Small Toy Car

Studio DIIP has figured out how to give their pet goldfish a taste of real freedom.

Using their computer imaging technology, they were able to figuratively give their goldfish the driver’s wheel to a toy car that drives in the direction the fish swims in the square fishbowl that rides on top of the wheels.

Their video debuted over the weekend, and now stands with over a 250,000 hits!


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Jan 062014
Crab Net Camera Offers Stunning View Of Underwater World

Scott Murray attached a GoPro camera to one of his crab nets while fishing. 

He never expected to capture such stunning footage of the hidden underwater world.

His video has just gone viral with over 300,000 views just today!


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Dec 182013
Smart Dolphin Answers Questions And Choose Favorite Snack Using Echolocation Computer

BBC Earth reports that a few specially trained dolphins can now choose their favorite foods and make choices with a special echolocation computer system

The Echo Location Visualization and Interface System, or ELVIS, projects different shapes on a special screen underwater that the dolphins can fire their biological sonar at.

The computer calculates the strength of the signal, which clearly indicates to the trainers which fish the dolphin wants for a snack. 


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Nov 152013
Dramatic ‘Ending Over-Fishing’ Animation

As educational channel Minute Earth has explained, we are zealously over-fishing our oceans, putting our food, our climate, and our own way of life in jeopardy. 

This year old computer animation by environmentalist channel OCEAN2012EU attempts to drive the idea deeper into the mind of the viewer. 

We need to stop over-fishing as a human species, and can help by contacting our government representatives. 


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