Jun 132014
Man Fights Off Great White Shark

This video by Terry Tufferson has instantly gone viral with over 5 million views! The clip purportedly shows an Australian diver bumping into a great white shark in Sydney Harbor. But the GoPro footage just doesn’t look right. Many viewers believe the video is a fake. 

So… real or fake? You decide!


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May 302014
Diver Cuddles With Shark

Sharks are terrifying, man-eating monsters, right? At least that’s what most people think thanks to movies like Jaws and other shark-themed horror movies. But in 2013, there were only 72 shark attacks in the entire world. According the The National Geographic, “You have a one in 63 chance of dying from the flu and a one in 3,700,000 chance of being killed by a shark.” 

Maybe all this shark mania is uncalled for?

Abi Smigel Mullens has more evidence that sharks aren’t all that terrible. In this trending video, professional shark handler Cristina Zenato demonstrates her skills by calling Caribbean reef shark to her lap as if the great water beast was puppy or kitty. Adorable. 


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May 272014
Dog Is Spooked By Flopping Fish On Dock

Jazzy the Wire Hair Fox Terrier had never seen a fish before explains Bart Lanzillotti. So when she found a fish on the dock of a lake, she sniffed it with caution and trepidation. But little Jazzy was in for a big, wet, surprise!

This cute pet video is actually from February, but it has only gone viral now.


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May 102014
Great White Shark Attacking Small Rubber Boat Is Terrifying

Imagine you go for a boat ride while on vacation to watch cute seals swim and play in the water, only for a terrifying Great White shark to interrupt the good times? That’s exactly what happened to a group of German tourists in South Africa, reports Barcroft.

Even more chilling, the deadly shark literally attacked their small rubber boat, and easily tore through one of their flotation tubes with its powerful, sharp teeth. Thankfully, the tour guide had the sense to hit the gas and head to shore as quickly as possible before the situation escalated any further. 


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May 012014
Manatee Drinking Water From A Hose Is Really Weird

Have you ever seen a manatee drink water? Most likely not as the aquatic mammal usually drinks water while submerged. Outdoors man Deer Meat For Dinner by chance found a manatee drinking water from a hose dripping off the dock. The swimming mammal simply raised its mouth just above the level of the lake to catch the dripping water from the hose. Weird. 


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