Jan 192015
Octopus Escapes Boat By Squeezing Through Tiny Hole

The Octopus is an amazing creature. Most people aren’t aware of its incredible flexibility. Though it may look large, the octopus can squeeze through the smallest of holes. Alaskan fisher Michelle Priddy was on a boat with his fishing buddies and had just captured an octopus. 

The crew let the creature slither around as it seemed there was no escape. But somehow, the octopus slipped through a tiny gap. This video from last September has only gone viral now with over 350,000 new views!


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Jan 132015
Hermit Crab Changes Shell

Hermit crabs are famous for living in shells for protections. As they are completely vulnerable without a shell, they move very quickly if changing from one shell to another. Hermit crab owner Stevie was lucky enough to catch the exact moment when his hermit crab changed shells on camera. 


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Dec 202014
Ice Fisher Catches MonstrousLake Trout

This video by the fishermen of Jig Heads is almost a year old, but has gone viral again now with over 700,000 new hits! While ice fishing on top of a frozen Lake Superior, one fisherman caught a truly giant lake trout. It took a while to pull the big guy out from the small hole but it was all worth it. But instead of cooking up some delicious trout, they were merciful and tossed the fish back in.   


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Nov 252014
Creepy Weird Deep-Sea Anglerfish Caught On Camera

The elusive Anglerfish is the stuff of nightmares. The creepy deep-sea fish is rarely observed in its natural habitat, but the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute captured rare footage of the beast 600 meters deep using their remotely operated underwater vehicle. The institute believes that this is the “first video footage ever made of this species alive and at depth.”

Their unique clip has gone viral over the weekend with over 4.75 million hits so far!


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Nov 102014
John Oliver Shoots Salmon Onto Popular TV Shows

As hydro electric dams have damaged the natural migration patterns of salmon, a company has unveiled an ingenious fix: the salmon cannon. That’s right, it’s a device that literally shoots salmon over any obstructions. John Oliver was fascinated by the salmon cannon, so he decided to test out his own by shooting salmon at popular TV personalities, such as Anderson Cooper, Rachael Ray, Jimmy Fallon, and more! 


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