Feb 112016
Smart Dog Catches Fish By Using Bread As Bait

Every kid learns at a young age that fish simply love bread. Who hasn’t gone to the park with their parents to feed the fish stale bread when they were a toddler? Incredibly, Rani the golden retriever has learned this fact as well. 

But the smart dog uses the enticing bread to go fishing! Good dog! This two month old video has only gone viral now!


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Feb 022016
Shark Eats Others Shark At South Korean Aquarium

The shark is at the top of the food chain in the ocean. And apparently, even sharks aren’t safe from attacks by other sharks. This clip of a shark eating another shark at a South Korean aquarium went viral last week, with countless copies circulating online.

This official clip has over 1.9 million views!


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Dec 312015
Giant Squid Found In Japan

Seafood is a big deal in Japan, but this is just crazy! One of the largest squids ever seen was discovered in Toyama Bay in central Japan. This footage has gone viral over the past week. That’s some major calamari. 


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Dec 022015
Daring Australian Boy Captures Sting Ray Mother Right Before She Gives Birth

What is up with these daring Australians? It seems they love getting themselves into very dangerous situation with wild animals. Miller Wilson is only twelve years old, but he is already starting a career that Steve Irwin would be proud of. In this shocking video, the kid captures a sting ray with a giant stinger and luckily doesn’t get poked. Whats even more amazing is that she was pregnant and gave birth to a bunch of babies right on camera.


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Nov 272015
Whale, Dolphins, And Seal Swim Along Boat

While boating and fishing off the coast of the Phillip Island in Australia, Steve Boer and his friends had a once in a life time experience. For some reason, a whale, some dolphins, and a seal became interested in their boat, and swam along side them for a while. Some people boating for months without seeing such a gorgeous scene of nature. This video has gone viral with over 450,000 views!


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