Jun 292015
Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap Sushi

Sushi is one of America’s favorite ethnic snacks and meals. But unlike a cheap burger or taco, sushi is a dish you never want to go cheap on. We’re dealing with raw fish here. Nevertheless, you can still find relatively cheap sushi at a slew of stores you would never expect to sell raw fish, such as Walgreens and 7-11.

BuzzFeedVideo invited master sushi chef Yoya Takahashi to taste and review a slew of cheap sushis. Brave man. His advice: if you want sushi, just drop the few extra bucks to enjoy authentic, delicious, and safe sushi at a real sushi restaurant. 


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Jun 182015
Newly Found Tiny Octopus Is Adorable

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has the eggs of a newly found deep sea creature incubating at their facilities. The eggs come from an unnamed cephalopod that is small with large eyes and is overall just adorable, explains Science Friday. So maybe it should be called Adorabilis.


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May 282015
Swimming Through Jellyfish Lake Is Breathtaking

Most people never see a jellyfish, they are only stung on the foot by one while at the beach. That’s what makes Jellyfish Lake in the island country of Palau so magical. Mikeyk730 had the opportunity to swim through the lake and captured this breathtaking video of literally millions of the strange, misunderstood creatures fluttering around. Gorgeous!


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May 272015
How To Make A Vacuum Suspended Fish Tank

An aquarium with fish makes for a nice decoration in the home or office, but it can be pretty dull compared with other pets. Life hacker Night Hawk In Light explains how to make your fish tank a little bit more exciting by adding a suspended glass extension onto the the aquarium that apparently goes against the laws of gravity. 


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May 112015
Snake Steals Fish That Boy Just Caught

Cindy Kruller‘s young son was proud of himself. He had just caught a little perch that unhooked itself when it flopped around on the shore. But then a hungry garter snake appeared out of nowhere and stole the fish for a quick lunch. The boys chased the snake that finally gave up the perch which they tossed back into the water. “Mom, you have to put that on YouTube.” 


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