Jan 022014
Drone Captures Gorgeous Footage Of Iceland’s New Year’s Fireworks Celebration

When the clock struck midnight, Andrés Sighvatsson grabbed his Phantom Quad copter equipped with a GoPro, and launched it into the sky. 

The footage the drone captured was simply glorious.

Happy New Year 2014! 


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Dec 312013
Dubai’s 2014 New Year’s Fireworks Show Wins

Dubai may have won New Year’s this year.

The small Islamic state broke a world record by launching over 400,000 fireworks into the night sky from their iconic man made Palm island and The World Islands. 

Khaled W. posted this video of the extravagant light show that is already trending.  


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Jul 052013

Sadly, it has become near tradition for at least one fireworks disaster to occur on the 4th of July. This year, the fireworks demonstrations at Simi Valley experienced a malfunction, causing the entire display to go off at once. Camstack1 was only 50 feet away from the explosion, but escaped unharmed. 


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Jul 042013

Happy Independence Day! To celebrate properly, Jeremiah made his own bullet time-style video using GoPro cameras inspired by The Matrix.

Of course, he had to use fireworks on camera to honor the 4th of July, and now his hard work has paid off, as his video has gone viral, garnering over 200,000 hits


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May 042013

This video was posted just after the New Year’s, but has only gone viral now over the weekend. Will Tyler published the video of a foolish teen who conducts a very stinky experiment. 

After finding a nice fat cow patty in a field, the ‘star’ of the video sticks a fire cracker in the center, and lights it. Instead of running as viewers expect, he places his hands on his hips and closes his eyes, preparing for the impact. 

The patty explodes, and sprays the kid from head to toe with poo. Good thing he had his work boots on!

After the initial shock, all he and the cameraman could do was laugh in hysteria. What else can you do when there’s cow dung in between your teeth?


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