Mar 252014
Firefighter Proposing To Teacher During Fire Drill Is Super Sweet

What better way to propose to your teacher girlfriend when you’re a firefighter than during a school fire drill

That’s exactly what firefighter Justin Deierling from Greentown, Ohio did. With all the other teachers and firefighters in on the surprise, he and his fire crew showed up at the school. Justin found his girlfriend Megan outside, dropped to one, and knee proposed. 



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Jan 222014
Firefighter Uses Google Glass For Faster, Safer Rescues

Google Glass seemed a bit gimmicky at first, but the power and potential of Glass is only being realized.

For example, Google Glass is revolutionizing the way firefighters battle fires and rescue the infirm, spearheaded by North Carolina firefighter and developer Patrick Jackson.

Now, building floor plans, hydrant locations, and car diagrams are just a phrase away.


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Jan 202014
Firefighting Water Dropping Planes Refill By Skimming Over Lake

How does a water dropping, firefighting airplane reload on water while battling a blaze?

This video by Steve Galloway demonstrates exactly how as two water dropping planes skim the surface of lake to scoop up water to battle the Colby fire outside of Los Angeles.


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Oct 092013
Firemen Spray Police With Foam At Brussels Protest

After announcements of national budget cuts for the fire department, Brussels firemen protested outside of the Prime Minister’s office. RT reports that they blocked traffic with their firetrucks and even sprayed the police with water and foam.  


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Sep 262013
Fireman Wearing GoPro Saves Kitten From Fire

Back in July, a firefighter wearing a GoPro helmet camera went viral after saving a precious kitten from a fire and bringing it back from the near dead. How could the web resist?

Now, the official GoPro Camera YouTube channel has posted the entire video which has caused the story to resurface online. In just one day, the new video has amassed over half a million views!


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