Apr 082014
Fire Breathing With Corn Starch

Most fire-breathers use alcohol for their tricks. But that can be terribly dangerous. The Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates in this video the safer alternative of breathing fire using only corn starch. The results are just as fascinating, especially in super slow motion. 


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Mar 262014
Construction Worker’s Dramatic Escape From Giant Apartment Fire Is Terrifying

This terrifying scene isn’t from a movie. This is real life.

A giant apartment fire broke out at the AIG campus in Houston, Texas.

Terrifyingly, a construction worker was stuck on the top floor as the fire raged. He eventually had to jump down a ledge to escape the flames, and then was finally rescued just as parts of the building began to crumble. 

Karen Jones was in the building across from the apartments recording the entire scene as it dramatically unfolded. Now, her footage has instantly gone viral. 


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Mar 252014
Firefighter Records Terrifying Fire Tornado

While fighting wildfires at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Denver, Colorado, firefighter Thomas Rogers and his team witnessed a dust devil, also known as a fire tornado. 

The dust devil passed by the wildfire and turned into the natural phenomenon that seems to be straight from Hell. 

The video has gone viral over the past week, garnering over a quarter million views


Via Gawker

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Jan 222014
Firefighter Uses Google Glass For Faster, Safer Rescues

Google Glass seemed a bit gimmicky at first, but the power and potential of Glass is only being realized.

For example, Google Glass is revolutionizing the way firefighters battle fires and rescue the infirm, spearheaded by North Carolina firefighter and developer Patrick Jackson.

Now, building floor plans, hydrant locations, and car diagrams are just a phrase away.


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Dec 252013
Cat Sits By The Warm Fire For An Hour

There’s nothing like snuggling up by the warm fire during the holidays. Thanks to the Internet, if you have no fire you can simply watch others enjoy the orange glow.

Speaking of which, over 1.2 million people have watched Lil BUB the Internet famous cat enjoy the fire in this video which lasts for 60 long minutes. 

Finally, after an entire hour, Bub has enough and walks away. 

Sure it may be aimless, but it sure it relaxing.


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