Oct 082015
Lamborghini Catches Fire In Dubai

Dubai is one of the richest countries in the Middle East. As a result, it is a hot bed for expensive and exotic super cars. While driving down the street with a dash camera, one driver pulled up to a red light with a gorgeous Lamborghini waiting in front of them. That’s when the Italian car spontaneously caught fire! Viewers expect a faulty modification to the engine as the cause of the fire. Why modify a Lambo…?


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Sep 232015
Demonstration Of Acrylic Water Pipe’s Durability Has Hilarious Ending

This bodega owner really wants to prove to his customers how strong and durable this acrylic water pipe is. You can bang it, drop it, and even wash it in the dishwasher and it will never break. To prove how much stroger this acrylic pipe is compared to a glass one, he wrapped it in paper and lighter fluid and lit it on fire outside. Except his sales pitch didn’t end in the way he was hoping. This hilarious fail video has gone viral with over one million views!


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Sep 142015
Escaping The Raging Anderson Springs Wildfires Is Terrifying

Most people know that California and much of the west coast has been battling drought and the resulting wildfires for years now. But most don’t realize just how serious the situation is. More wildfires have broken out in Lake County that has left 1,000 homes destroyed and thousands of residents literally running for their lives. MulletFive was in Anderson Springs when the fires came raging at their doorstep. Thankfully, they just made it out alive. Absolutely terrifying.


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Sep 102015
Most Epic Vehicle Jump Ever

This viral video really doesn’t have any background at all. All we as viewers see is an old SUV driving through a fiery dirt road that launches into a body of water with the driver thankfully bailing from the car at the last second. All in slow motion of course. Phew! This video has over 750,000 hits!


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Aug 212015
Matches Exploded In Super Slow Motion

There’s a reason every parent has to warn their kids not to play with matches. Even grownups often can’t control themselves with a box of matches. The strike of a match is just so mesmerizing. The Slow Mo Guys demonstrate just how mind blowing matches can be by igniting a match ‘bomb’ in super slow motion. It goes without saying don’t try this one at home. 


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