Aug 212015
Matches Exploded In Super Slow Motion

There’s a reason every parent has to warn their kids not to play with matches. Even grownups often can’t control themselves with a box of matches. The strike of a match is just so mesmerizing. The Slow Mo Guys demonstrate just how mind blowing matches can be by igniting a match ‘bomb’ in super slow motion. It goes without saying don’t try this one at home. 


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Jun 222015
Apartment Fire Witness Quickly Becomes First Responder

Spencer Butler and his friends just happened to be by an apartment building when they noticed smoke. At first, Spencer started recording the scene, but he, his friends, and complete strangers quickly became first responders as they banged on apartment doors to warn people, and even broke in some doors to save pets. Scary! He reports that three dogs were saved and no lives were lost thankfully. 


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Mar 282015
Worst Firefighter Ever

A house fire is a very serious situation that must be controlled as soon as possible. But this firefighter doesn’t seem to have head on straight. The camera-person noticed that the hose water was shooting up and basically missing the fire entirely.

This older video by Matt Giesler from 2011 is trending again now. 


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