Jun 222015
Apartment Fire Witness Quickly Becomes First Responder

Spencer Butler and his friends just happened to be by an apartment building when they noticed smoke. At first, Spencer started recording the scene, but he, his friends, and complete strangers quickly became first responders as they banged on apartment doors to warn people, and even broke in some doors to save pets. Scary! He reports that three dogs were saved and no lives were lost thankfully. 


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Mar 282015
Worst Firefighter Ever

A house fire is a very serious situation that must be controlled as soon as possible. But this firefighter doesn’t seem to have head on straight. The camera-person noticed that the hose water was shooting up and basically missing the fire entirely.

This older video by Matt Giesler from 2011 is trending again now. 


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Mar 232015
Amazing Fire Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Fire! It’s considered one of the most important necessities of life, providing warmth and light. Today, fire has really stepped to the side now that we have electricity, but nothing can ever replace fire. To honor fire, illusionist Brusspup demonstrates ten eye-popping fire tricks in this new video that is sure to amaze. 


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Mar 192015
The Russian Way To Refill A Lighter Is The Wrong Way

As most people online already know, they do things just a little bit differently in Russia. Just check out this trending video of a person attempting to refill his Zippo lighter. That can’t be right… No, wait! Don’t try to light it now!

This video has gone viral with over 800,000 views!


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