Aug 182014
Hero Truck Driver Pulls Grandmother And Baby Dranddaughter From Blazing Car Crash

David Frederickson was driving his truck on Mississippi’s I-10 through Biloxi like any other day when every driver’s fears occurred. A passenger sedan crashed into a semi-truck, hitting its gas tank. The car instantly burst into flames, locking the driver and her one year granddaughter in the fiery wreck. 

Thankfully, David Frederickson was prepared and had a fire extinusher on hand. He quickly ran to the wreck to calm the flames before pulling the survivors out of the car to safety. 


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Jul 072014
Fireworks Super Store Burns In Tennssee

A fireworks superstore caught fire after July Fourth in Caryville, Tennessee. The fire occurred at the Huntsville-Oneida exit. Thankfully, no injuries were reported. 


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Jun 222014
Drone Records Teriffying Yacht Fire

Kurt Roll is a sailor and avid RC aircraft flyer. While flying his drone around the San Diego harbor he noticed black smoke rising in the distant. He quickly flew his camera equipped drone to check out the emergency. What he discovered is every boater’s nightmare: a yacht had caught fire and was engulfed in flames.  


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Jun 012014
Burning Cottonwood Seeds Is Trippy

Have you ever seen white, fluffy cotton-looking stuff on the ground by the grass? That’s most likely cottonwood seed. If there’s enough it can easily light on fire. It’s not very safe to do so, but PBlaze Blazeon lit a big pile in 2013 anyways. Only now has this video gone viral. They claim to have a fire extinguisher ready, so please don’t try this one at home. Just enjoy the trippy results on video. 


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May 292014
Inventor Creates Wrist Flamethrowers To Be Like Pyro X-Man

Crazy inventor Colin Furze is on a roll, creating outrageous gadgets to be more like the X-Men. He has been trending online after creating automatic Wolverine claws and magnetic Magneto boots. Now, he’s continuing with his X-Men obsession. This time, he built wrist flamethrowers to be just like Pyro and shoot fire from his hands whenever he wants to burn someone or just make some toast real quick. 

Click here to see how he built it!


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