Jul 052013

Sadly, it has become near tradition for at least one fireworks disaster to occur on the 4th of July. This year, the fireworks demonstrations at Simi Valley experienced a malfunction, causing the entire display to go off at once. Camstack1 was only 50 feet away from the explosion, but escaped unharmed. 


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Jan 022013

Fireworks are a typical staple for a New Year’s celebration, just like the obnoxious 20xx glasses, cheap champagne, and plastic horn makers. So there’s not much special enough about fireworks to warrant a fireworks viral video. 

Or is there?

Jcltay took video of this year’s New Year’s Eve fireworks presentation in Docklands, Melbourne, and by reversing the video and adding Moon Behind the Tree, made a piece of art that is now going viral. 

The new video is featured on WebProNews, Devour, HaveYouSeenThis


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Jul 032011

This 2009 video just became popular on MissCellania and StuffIStoleFromTheInternet. Two very, very Alabama women shake everything they have and try to sell fireworks in this very entertaining local commercial. It’s so good that it’s good. Buy one, get three free. Boom Boom, Bang bang, the FireWorks Outlet is has some great deals!


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Jul 032011

The Bomb Squad technicians of the NYPD had around 5,000 pounds of confiscated fireworks. Ironically, they destroy the huge stash of fireworks by burning it right before July 4th. It’s the huge NYPD Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza 2011. I can’t wait for next year. The video is featured on Gothamist and TheDailyWhat. Read more at .


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Feb 232011

People don’t realize that fireworks are essentially explosive rockets. Like mortar. If you’re going to enjoy a fireworks show, make sure you are far away, and the people launches the fireworks know what they are doing. Otherwise things like this happen.

In Prague, a crowd of people are enjoy a fireworks show. One rocket lands in the middle of a crowd smoldering. No body runs or seems to care, and only three seconds later do they figure out to run – after the huge explosion!

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