Apr 082014
Fire Breathing With Corn Starch

Most fire-breathers use alcohol for their tricks. But that can be terribly dangerous. The Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates in this video the safer alternative of breathing fire using only corn starch. The results are just as fascinating, especially in super slow motion. 


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Oct 172013
Bullet Time Fire Breathing With GoPro Array

This new video by Tyler Johnson puts The Matrix’s bullet time special effects to shame. Using his own homemade camera array out of 24 GoPro cameras, Tyler captured Go Pro Camera‘s music supervisor David Kelley breathing fire in flow motion that has the web drooling.


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Aug 022011

There’s a lot of completely crazy and random things online. This is one of them. I never thought I’d see a robot pony ‘breathing’ fire. Now I have seen everything.

The pony was made for the Maker Faire in Detroit, an event celebrating homemade engineering, science projects and art.  The video is featured on BoingBoing and TheDailyWhat


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