May 272015
Man Makes Perfect Animal Sounds

As kids we all learn the sounds of the farm animals. Oink, oink, bah, bah, moo, moo. But that’s not really how the animals sound. This viral video by Chris Schofield features a man who can make the real sounds of common animals. Sounds like we’re back on the farm. 


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May 172015
Apprehensive Chicken Hugs Boy After Making Sure It’s Really Him

With animals, communication is all done through body language. After getting a hair cut, little Mason came home and wanted to say hi to his favorite chicken. But the chicken wasn’t too sure at first. That’s not the same boy I remember the chicken seemed to be saying after slipping out of Mason’s arms. But after taking a closer, the chicken realized it was her good friend and went back in for a nice big hug


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Mar 212015
Guy Freaks Out When He Is Randomly Approached By Farm Animals

Imagine you were just going about your day in the city and a goat and a llama randomly just ran up to you. You would understandably be shocked and just a little freaked out. That’s what happened to plumber Stephen Peterson after he completed a service call in Liverpool, New York. Naturally, he captured the encounter on his smartphone. 

“What is going on?! Is this real??”


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Jun 172014
Flood Of Baby Goats Is Adorable

The Sunflower Farm recently went viral after posting an adorable video of a herd of baby goats running. Viewers simply couldn’t resist ‘liking’ and sharing the cute little kids. That video now stands with over 2.2 million views!

Now, the directors of the goat farm has released this precious sequel featuring a ‘flood’ of baby goats on the run. CUTE!


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