Dec 222014
Fan Made Marvel VS DC Comics Movie Trailer

Marvel and DC Comics have been arch rivals for decades now. But what if they put their differences aside to make one super epic movie. It’s not likely to happen, but that didn’t stop some fans from imagining what it might look like. Alex Luthor and his buddies put together this awesome looking trailer for a theoretical superhero mash up movie which has instantly gone viral in the nerd community. 


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Jul 062014
‘Leaked’ Star Wars Airport

The nerd world is eager with anticipation waiting for the new Star Wars sequels created by Disney. Frank Wunderlich claims to have stumbled upon a set from the new movie, Star Wars: Episode VII. Of course, this is simply a fan made video of what an Imperial starport would look like based on the Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Fans are loving the realistic CGI and creativity. Awesome. 


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Apr 042013

The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes is, of course, cherished on the web. But what happens when Calvin grows up, and all those crazy imaginations and daydreams don’t go away? They become even more powerful and out of control in Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie by Gritty Reboots. The new video is already featured on Mashable, GeekoSystem, and Joblo


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Feb 052013

Though the initial excitement has worn off, true nerds still can’t wait for 2015 when Disney will finally continue the Star Wars saga started so long ago in 1977.

Some fans are so psyched, they are taking things into their own hands. Mr88668866, for one, already made this trailer for what he imagines a seventh film in the series might feel like. Of course, the story hasn’t been ironed out, but just seeing a trailer for a new Star Wars movie is exciting.

Now, the two month old fan made trailer has garnered over 200,000 views


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Aug 122012

NSFW – adult content

As technology becomes more accessible everyday, and without the need for the big studios, small time artists finally have the chance to make high quality work without a six figure bankroll.

 is the latest movie maker who chose YouTube to publish his work instead of going into serious debt. Like the other fan made film that went viral recently, this one is also a Dark Knight adaptation. 

Keep ’em coming guys. The Internet can’t get enough of this stuff. 


Thanks Noam!

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