Jan 112012

This video was posted in the fall of 2009, but just became a viral sensation after being featured on Reddit. Isaac is a great voice impressionist, and covers favorites from the Simpsons, movies, Family Guy, celebrities, and other famous characters from pop culture. Isaac really belongs on stage. 


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Dec 132011

For some reason, even the greatest pizza places can’t make a good salad. Maybe they’re too focused on the crust and cheese, because the salad is always crazy and terrible. The guys at Family Guy took a jab at every pizza place with this short anecdote. 


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Apr 112011

Street Fighter 2 is probably the most famous fighting game in history, maybe tied with Mortal Kombat. Family Guy parodies Street Fighter with a battle between Peter and Mr. Washee Washee. Peter is Ryu/Ken, and Mr. Washee Washee is E. Honda. They pull of the spoof spot on, even with the choppy, early 90′s animation.


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