Jan 162012

Back in the 90′s, no one ever thought another adult aimed cartoon like Family Guy could ever go head to head with The Simpsons, but the off and on again animation is still running strong. To express his love for the show,  performs twenty outstanding Family Guy impersonations. Some are so good, he looks like he’s lip syncing. 


Thanks Paul!!

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Jan 112012

This video was posted in the fall of 2009, but just became a viral sensation after being featured on Reddit. Isaac is a great voice impressionist, and covers favorites from the Simpsons, movies, Family Guy, celebrities, and other famous characters from pop culture. Isaac really belongs on stage. 


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Dec 132011

For some reason, even the greatest pizza places can’t make a good salad. Maybe they’re too focused on the crust and cheese, because the salad is always crazy and terrible. The guys at Family Guy took a jab at every pizza place with this short anecdote. 


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Apr 112011

Street Fighter 2 is probably the most famous fighting game in history, maybe tied with Mortal Kombat. Family Guy parodies Street Fighter with a battle between Peter and Mr. Washee Washee. Peter is Ryu/Ken, and Mr. Washee Washee is E. Honda. They pull of the spoof spot on, even with the choppy, early 90′s animation.


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