Feb 092016
Ben Stiller’s Female Viagra Ad

The Super Bowl is almost more famous for the expensive commercials than for the game. But while visiting Jimmy Fallon, Ben Stiller confessed that his ad never made it to air. It was for female Viagra. 


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Jan 132016
Video Editor Accidentally Made UFO Hoax That Media Fell For

Johnson Thompson is an editor who was only trying to learn compositing using After Effects. But after his work hit the Web, viewers quickly picked it up believing it was an authentic video of a real UFO. And the media didn’t hesitate to run with the story. This was in no way Johnson’s intention. He explains the entire story in this viral video


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Jan 062016
The Kanye West Auditions For American Idol

What was once the hottest TV show in America has come to slow, sad end. That’s right, this is the last season of American Idol. But what do you expect after 14 long years. Back when it started, most young people didn’t even have cell phones and dial up internet was still a thing. Oh how things have changed. In an attempt to get anyone to tune in for even a little, American Idol had rapper Kanye West ‘audition’ for the famous talent show. Do you think he’ll make through the first round?


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Oct 132015
Official Hoverboard Commercial

For thirty years now, kids and adults alike have wished for a hoverboard. Even though there have been a couple fake versions and a few real ones, none can compare with the real thing from Back To The Future II. Since this is is the anniversary of the popular time travel film, Universal Pictures made this ‘official’ commercial for the fake Mattel floating skateboard. 


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Oct 032015
African ‘Prophet’ Claims To Walk On Air

For centuries, con-artists have been tricking people into thinking they have magic or spiritual powers. Sadly, even with all the science and technology we have today, this still goes on. A Zimbamwae religious ‘Prophet’ named Shepherd Bushiri claims he can walk on air and made this viral video to prove it. It’s incredibly anyone can take this guy seriously. 


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