Nov 172014
Syrian ‘Hero Boy’ Rescuing Girl During Shootout Is Fake

This week old video purportedly featuring a young Syrian boy saving a younger girl in distress during a shootout amid the raging civil war instantly went viral, and stands with over 3.3 million views! Countless copies of the video has spread across the Web with many more views. 

The only problem is, as is the case with so many viral videos these days, the entire clip was a fabrication, created by Norwegian filmmakers using professional actors on the set of The Gladiator.

The way the camera shakes so ‘realistically’ really gives it away. The director said he created the short film to spur conversation about the horrific war that’s been going on in Syria for so long now.  


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Nov 142014
Nick Offerman’s Handcrafted Wood Emojis

Actor Nick Offerman is most famous for his role as Ron Swanson on NBC’s Park and Recreation. What most people don’t know is that Ron and Nick are both very similar. Nick is actually a master woodworker in real life. As part of a hilarious sketch for Conan, Nick stars in an informercial for emojis handcrafted from solid oak that you can send to your friends. Sure, the convenience of tapping out a quick IM disappears, but the recipient will never forget the message.  


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Nov 112014
Incredible Dog Shrinking Machine Is Adorable

Dogs are cute and all, but everyone knows that they are at their peak of adorableness when they are young puppies. Thankfully, Jon Hill has unveiled the Incredible Dog Shrinking Machine. Just have a dog pass through the high tech tunnel, and watch as it comes out a cute puppy! 


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Oct 172014
If WALL.E Was A Christopher Nolan Film

British-American film director, screenwriter, and producer Christopher Nolan is one of Hollywood’s most famous players. The iconic producer is known for worldwide blockbusters like The Dark Knight series and Inception. There’s just something about his style that can captivate an audience so easily. But most of his films are on the mature side. What if he created a kids film? Bobby Burns imagines what it would look like if Nolan directed the Pixar hit WALL.E in this faux-trailer


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Sep 182014
Local News Anchors Reads Fake Good News

It seems like the news is only bad news these days. From wars, to corruption, to poverty, it’s like only bad things are happening here in America and around the world. Jimmy Fallon is sick of all the negative stories, so he asked local news anchors to read some stories that we wish were true… Muffins are delicious. 


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