Sep 282011

At carnivals and fairs, going through the fun house can be a difficult task for kids under ten years old. Anyone above that age is just bored with the moving floor, and crazy magic mirrors. If you want to make the fun house a more adult adventure then get drunk like this guy. It’s a lot harder when you’re wasted. 


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Sep 072011

Last month, the Iowa State Fair put its self on the map after one vendor went viral for selling fried butter on a stick. Not wanting to be outdone, the Texas State Fair is now in the spot light for one of its runners for most delicious and creative fair dishes. Fried bubblegum. It’s not really bubblegum, but a marshmallow infused with bubblegum flavor. Looks yummy.


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Aug 112011

County and state fairs are famous for their music, animals, rides, and games. But one of the biggest attractions to fairs is the carnival food. It seems every year there is a new report of some crazy new deliciously fattening and gluttonous food created at the fair.

This year, at the Iowa State Fair, a fried stick of butter was created. You can’t really just fried butter – as it will just melt – so it’s covered in a cinnamon, honey batter. The country maybe broke and unemployment is high, but at least we have fried butter on a stick. America, F-ya!


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