May 102011

The evil company who churned out poison like Rebecca Black is still making more music videos. Will this evil never end? Will the world ever be at peace? Instead of a girl, this is a the first time a boy has gone viral. The Internet has to make a new viral category for being famous for Failing.

Devin Fox is a pure FAIL, just like his predecessors who did not make a music video with actual talent, but bought and paid for the song, title, lyrics, and music video production. My ears are bleeding and it hurts.




Here’s famous Brock’s dub version of the catasrophe. At least we can laugh a little after we cry.


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May 032011

There are unspoken rules on the New York City subway. Screaming and requesting people to sing is definitely a big no. After Osama’s death, one idiot on a packed subway says today is a special day and asks people to chant, ‘USA, USA.’

It’s horribly brutal. No one says a sound. New Yorkers aren’t that into mindless, meaningless chants like, ‘USA,’ especially on a packed subway. He quits after a couple shouts and everyone looks at him like he’s a dope.




Update: CNN covers the ‘story’.


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Apr 302011

I’m glad this kid is religious, because I don’t think the hip hop rap world is the right place for him. He tries to drop a classic 90′s hip hop song. He’s out of breath and just awful. On the other hand, he’s gives it all he’s got.




Here’s an, actually, amazing remix that makes Nu Thang almost a real song.


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Apr 272011

Feel like you missed some of April’s best FAIL videos? Then watch the latest FAIL compilation video of all the splats, ouches, and falls from April.


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