Sep 242012

By now, even your grandmother has a Facebook page and knows how to use Google. But amazingly, there is still one person who doesn’t use a laptop or even know what Google is. 

Rapper DMX.

While visiting Power 105.1, he admitted, “I don’t even know how to use a computer.” When prompted to Google himself, he simply asked, “What do I do?”

Some YouTubers are just saying the older rap star is seeking attention while others can’t help noticing him in hyper-active overdrive, and the constant nose rubbing. You take that as you will. 

The video is showcased on PopCrush, HuffPost, and Smosh


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Sep 182012

Walmart has been a permanent running joke on the Internet for a while now, especially after the PeopleOfWalmart website, which mocks Walmart shoppers, went viral.

For some horrible reason, Jewel’s and Walmart’s PR people both made the big mistake in thinking that posting a newly collaborated Walmart Song on the Internet would be a good idea. 

The music video was posted on ‘s YouTube page in March, but it has only gone viral now. And not the good kind of viral.

More like the ‘this is so bad, you just have to see it’ kind of viral. Probably not the kind of viral a music star in the decline, and the world’s largest retailer are shooting for. Currently, 91% of the viewers dislike the video.


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Sep 062012

There are few First World Problems more irritating than opening a fresh, family-sized bag of potato chips only for the packaging to completely fail.

 went through one too many frozen dinners where the plastic packaging just didn’t work, and was inspired to make this ‘Your Food Packaging is Bad‘ video that has started to trend. 


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