Jun 272012

It’s happened before and it will most likely happen again. As long as photographers insist wedding party photos on the dock are a beautiful idea, wedding parties will continue to fall into the water. These old docks just can’t hold our ever growing American waist bands. 

The latest broken dock during wedding pictures debacle was just published by  and already has over 655,000 views and a feature story on VideoGum.


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Jun 202012

Time sure travels fast on the Internet. Barely 48 hours after announcing their newest tablet computer product, dubbed Surface, Microsoft has already had an embarrassing Surface moment.

During the official Surface presentation, the tablet froze on the presenter, which is probably the worst thing that could occur at a tech announcement, second to the device literally exploding on stage. 


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Jun 152012

Parking garages in big cities are often difficult to enter, but this is inexcusable. After receiving her entrance ticket for the parking garage, the driver accidentally accelerated and smashed into the side wall. That’s OK, we all make mistakes.

But for some horrible reason, she continued to accelerate, painfully scraping and destroying her driver side body work until she smashed straight into a concrete wall! The car slowly rolled back, and the woman exited the car, shaken, but hopefully uninjured.

But again for some horrible reason, after reaching back into the car for something and leaving the car door open, the car started to roll back down the incline after seemingly being knocked out of park. Again, the car painfully scraped down the side wall to an ultimate stop, but not without tearing the door off backwards.

Just brutal. 


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