Mar 052012

What happens to this poor woman is every girl’s nightmare. After the wedding ceremony, it is customary in most circles that the newlywed couple has a special entry to the formal party with music and attention.

But when this couple entered, the bride tripped, and something must have come undone, because he skirt fell too. She ended up running off in just her knickers with her new groom chasing after her. 


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Mar 022012

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been having a tough time getting better ratings for his new show , and segments like this one that just went viral only hurt more. Cooper wasted his precious air time interviewing a pastor and his three daughters which he has groomed to perform exorcists like him.

The girls talk about their experiences of bologna and fairy tales like it’s a real issue. This can only hurt, Cooper. Stick to the real issue, not magic ones. Read more on Jezebel


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Feb 292012

Remember the awkward intern that went viral last week? Well, another intern was caught on camera, this time on real television during the weather report. He does what any awkward intern should do, and slowly slid away. The video has gone viral after being shared on Reddit


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Feb 282012

The Dayton Flyers and Xavier Musketeers games was starting up with fans cheering in the stands, and the players warming up on the court. CBS news sportscasters James Bate was just greeting the camera and introducing himself and his co-host when the stool underneath him literally collapsed, dumping him to the floor. But the pro reporter quickly jumped back up and redeemed himself. The week old video already has over 400,00 views, and is featured on VideoGum.


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Feb 272012

Amazing ranter James Inman took to the podium at a Seattle city council meeting concerning a recent protest. But he wasn’t arrested at the protest, he was arrested a year ago for using the f-word in public.

He then proceeds to tell the story of his arrest, and reads an amazing open letter rant to city attorney Mark Sidran. The classic video just had a recent viral surge, being featured on TheDailyWhat and Reddit.

Hear James with a perfectly syncing background here



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