Jul 152013

Mondays. Bernard Murphy knows something about Mondays.

While helping a customer in the shop, the security camera caught his embarrassing double fail

First, he somehow slipped forward while sitting on his computer chair, smashing his face into his desk. He then ricocheted off the table and fell on his butt. The customer didn’t seem too concerned, and left with a big smile on his face. 

Now, Bernard is the laughing stock of the office. 


Thanks Bernie!

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Jul 082013

A few weeks ago, French publication ParodiePub.fr went viral with their hilarious fail compilation with the addition of Street Fighter character Blanka as the fail troll. That video stands with over 850,000 hits

After such a viral success, they have stepped forward to calm the nerves of fans with a second episode in the series. 


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Jul 022013

Rhett and Link have an ongoing series where they input audio in a YouTube video and allow the not-yet-perfected automatic closed captioning service to attempt to transcribe their words.

They last performed the close caption magic last month on Taylor Swift’s best hits, garnering over 750,000 hits.

Now, they perform the same ridiculous antics, only with One Direction music


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Jun 172013

Fail compilations have been an Internet viral video staple since 2007. So what makes this new video stick out from the rest?

The French publisher ParodiePub.fr added a layer of nerdy humor to their video by ingeniously editing in the green monster Blanka from the Street Fighter franchise into a slew of popular fail clips. 

Fail videos may never be the same. 


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May 192013

American web users have little sympathy for singers who screw up the National Anthem.

It’s not like these singers are plucked out of the crowd last minute. They all have plenty of time to brush up on the lyrics, and if they are doubtful, just bring a piece of a paper along with you just in case. 

That would look a whole lot better than what Canadian singer Alexis Normand did at the Portland Winterhawks-Halifax Mooseheads game. 

There are few ways of describing her performance other than ‘butchered,’ and now she is quickly going viral for her epic failure.

Last night she tweeted, “I’m embarrassed and deeply sorry. I wish I’d had more time to learn the American anthem.”

Already, the video is featured on Canada, HuffPost, and Metro


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