Feb 212013

This video by Tori Locklear has instantly gone viralviral after appearing on Reddit. Tori was trying to give a tutorial on hair curling with a hair straightening iron.

Instead, she gave a tutorial on how to ‘cut’ hair off using a curling iron. After very slowly processing her mistake, her jaw, appropriately, hits the floor. 


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Feb 202013

There are literally countless famous interview viral videos online. Some are old classics, and others are new, but they all have millions of views and bring smiles to viewers’ faces. 

So you don’t have to sift through YouTube for hors, Funny Local News has compiled all the best and most viral news interviews into this single super cut


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Jan 312013

Corbin Corona is the latest to have a professional music video made showcasing him, with his parents most likely footing the entire bill.

As most online know, ever since the dreaded Rebecca Black became a chatroom name for all the wrong reasons, countless average teens with mediocre talent at best have stormed the web chasing dreams similar of becoming viral video star. 

As is standard, SuperStar has the same recycled auto-tune-hip-hop-pop recipe as every other song plaguing the radio and Internet


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Jan 292013

This humorous clip by 101greatgoalsFan2 has already collected over half a million views in just one day. In Moment of the Year in the Russian Basketball League, one of the players mistakenly passes to the coach.

Even though the coach quickly threw the ball back into play, everyone in the stadium couldn’t help but laugh at the obvious mistake. 


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