Apr 032013

Eccentric online scientist Mehdi Sadaghdar has made a name for himself online for his ridiculous how-to videos after originally going viral at the start of the year demonstrating Electrostatic Discharge. He’s basically just like Kramer from Seinfeld, only with a science degree. 

Now, he returns to show viewers how to solve a simple and common problem. How to change a light bulb. It’s not as easy as one might think. 


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Apr 032013

NSFW Warning – language 

Dane Steube was on the lake when he and his fellow boaters ran out of gas. Thankfully, a another nice crew of people enjoying the lake gave them a tow. While towing, one of the helpful men who obviously already had a couple, yelled to his new friends, “Hey, I need a beer.”

They may not have had gas, but they naturally had planned ahead and had plenty of beer. “He needs a beer, throw him a beer,” the cameraman responded. 

Problem was, the beer can hit the receiver directly in the face, causing him to fall off the boat into the water.

“Holy f***, you’re kidding me!”


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Mar 132013

In so many movies and real life situations, when a football team wins the big game, the players will often dump the water cooler full of Gatorade or what have you on the coach as a form of celebration. 

But that custom doesn’t really apply to basketball games, as Abby Thurin witnessed at the recent NJCAA district F national qualifying basketball game.

She caught on camera exactly why dumping the water cooler on the coach at basketball games just doesn’t translate. 

After winning the big game, the girls of North Platte Community College dumped the cooler on their coach. But the floors were so waxed, the coach instantly slipped and fell. Hard! OUCH!

Then a second person fell. Also, with a terribly loud and painful sounding thud

Now, the new video of the Celebration Gone Wrong has accumulated over 1.4 million hits already


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Mar 112013

NSFW Warning – Language

We’ve all been there. For whatever reason, we get a sudden surge of inspiration to finally learn how to play that guitar our Gammy got us three Christmases ago and start playing. 

But after just a few minutes, we’re already full of anger and rage at our pathetic progress, and we’re ready to smash the guitar rock star-style. 

Trog Burn‘s roommate experienced a similar situation. Trog heard guitar playing in the middle of the night, so he grabbed his camera to record the action. 

He caught this hilarious short clip of his roommate messing up and cursing which encapsulates the frustration of learning a new instrument so perfectly. 


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Mar 092013

Cats are of course cute and cuddly, but online they have  a much darker side, and are somewhat known for being trolls. And that  has not gone unnoticed by Funny Animals Vids.

They made this hilarious compilation of cats being “total jerks for no apparent reason” other than that they are cats. The video from last week now stands with over 1.9 million views. The video is also covered on HuffPost, BestOfYouTube, and Devour


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