Apr 102014
‘Lets Get Social’ Song Is A Super Awkward Fail

It seems the ‘pros’ at the Social Media Marketing World convention don’t truly understand the Internet. If they did, they would never put on such an awkward performance and would never upload it online. 

To open their convention, Mary McCoy sang the song Let’s Get Social about spreading information online through social media.

Ironically, it seems the tune is going viral for being an #epicfail.


Via DeathAndTaxes, Gawker

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Mar 292014
Loading Fresh Fish Onto Truck With Forklift Fail

This hilarious fail video has gone viral across the Web this week. According to DailyPicks, the video originated on Facebook, but has quickly spread with countless YouTube copies. 

In the short clip, a security camera captures the moment a forklift operator fails in the worst way possible while loading a stack of boxes holding fish in water. 



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