Jan 302011

While Jesse Eisenberg was giving his opening monologue on SNL, the real Mark Zuckerbeg make a surprise appearance. Jesse does  a great job being awkward giving his monologue, and is first joined by an Andy Samberg version of Mark Zuckerberg. Then the REAL Mark Zuckerberg shows up. Awkward party to the extreme. But since Zuckerberg’s character is to be awkward and nervous, he does a great job. It’s a Jewish party!

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Jan 272011

Facebook has had a serious impact on the entire world. Not only are people reconnecting with lost friends, but people are making new friendships. This girl met her now finance on Facebook and wants to honor Mark Zuckerberg as the match maker by inviting him to their wedding. Mazel Tov.

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Jan 132011

You can literally see the comments just disappear on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. He actually has hired paid staff that just cleans and ‘washes’ her Facebook and Twitter page. It’s pretty pathetic. A few comments pop up, but even more are deleted. Watch the number just fall and fall.

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