Jan 132011

You can literally see the comments just disappear on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. He actually has hired paid staff that just cleans and ‘washes’ her Facebook and Twitter page. It’s pretty pathetic. A few comments pop up, but even more are deleted. Watch the number just fall and fall.

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Nov 212010

A facebook was originally an actual, physical book with people’s pictures in college. Then it became what the world knows today as Facebook.com, the most famous online social network. But what if we went back to a book again? It might look something like this. So cool. Imagine having your entire Facebook page’s history in a book to look back at with a smile, or a frown.

When Facebook becomes a book from Siavosh Zabeti on Vimeo.

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Nov 162010

The Facebook Messages help connect your SMS, email, and Facebook into one easy to use messaging service. I don’t know if I will use most of the new features, but a lot of it makes sense. Also, I do like the music.

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