May 042015
Guy Perfectly Throws Things Over His Shoulder

There are trick shots and then there is this video. Josh has taken the time and effort to master a somewhat pointless yet very cool talent. He has perfected the art of throwing things over his shoulder. From DVD’s landing perfectly into DVD player trays to toothbrushes landing perfectly in the bathroom cup to even a hot dog landing right into the bun, he scores them all with a straight poker face. 


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May 032015
Nine Year Old Girl Performs Epic Karate Dance On Britain’s Got Talent

Little Jesse is only nine years old, but she is already a karate master. With the support of her dad, she tried out for Britain’s Got Talent and blew the audience and judges away with her katana sword karate performance! This two week old clip has gone viral with over 5.5 million hits! Jesse could be her own Mortal Kombat character! 


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May 022015
Nunchaku Kid Just Might Be A Reincarnation Of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee passed away over four decades ago, but he is still considered one of the most famous martial artists in the world. Japanese five year old Ryusei is only a little kid, but he is already blossoming as a true ninja. He can recreate one of Bruce’s famous nunchaku scenes so well, some viewers speculate that little Ryu is a reincarnation of Bruce. 


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Apr 302015
Daredevil Completes First Ever Triple Backflip On Motorcycle

Evel Knievel is probably the most famous daredevil ever. Now, there is a new name that will forever go down in the daredevil history books. At Pastranaland, biker Josh Sheehan completed the world’s first ever triple backflip on a motorcycle. 

“There are only two possible outcomes: Roll away on two wheels, or roll away on four wheels to the hospital.” 

This extreme video has instantly gone viral with over 2.25 million views!


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Apr 282015
Daredevils Jump From World’s Second Highest Residential structure In Dubai

For most people, free falling off of a skyscraper is the very definition of a nightmare. But for daredevils and adrenaline junkies, it’s a dream. SkydiveDubai and XDubai teamed up with DreamJump to have a slew of extreme athletes base jump from the world’s second highest residential structure in Dubai. Crazy!


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