Mar 092014
Inspirational Quadriplegic Is Also A Surfer

Aussie Barney Miller is paralyzed from the waist down due to a spinal cord injury, but he doesn’t let his disability stop him from doing what he loves. 

To promote the Wings for Life World Run and raise awareness and funds for spinal cord injury research, Red Bull featured Barney is this inspirational video

What’s your excuse?


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Mar 052014
Amazing Soccer Kick Is Surprisingly Blocked

YouTuber Daslevstoppa6 posted this video waaay back in 2007, but it has only gone viral now with over 800,000 new views!

The quick clip features an amazing trick soccer kick that seems impossible to block. Until the goalie somehow jumps like a Spiderman and actually does block it. 

The crowd expecting the inevitable goal jumped in celebration one second too early only to be left disappointed. 


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Mar 032014
Paula Creamer Sinks Inconceivable 75-Foot Putt

Golfer Paula Creamer won the HSBC Women’s Championship in Singapore with a putt to remember. She sunk an inconceivable 75-foot putt to beat her opponent Azahara Munoz that the announcer could only describe as “a miracle” shot. 

Video of her amazing putt has gone viral over the weekend, and is featured on CBSNews, BleacherReport, and SBNation


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Mar 022014
Awesome Dad Builds Snow Luge In Backyard For His Kids

Jay Venini is one cool dad.

In honor of the Olympics, and because there has been so much snow this season, he built a sweet luge ride that includes a sweeping turn in his backyard for his kids. 

When life gives you snow, make a snow luge!

Now, all of the kids in his Long Island neighborhood know where to go to have an awesome time. 


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