Aug 212014
Crazy Inventor Creates Fireworks Safety Suit To Stand In Fireworks Display

Colin Furze is well known for his outlandish inventions and creations. Who can forget his wrist flame throwers or jet bicycle? As summer and fireworks season is winding down, Colin wanted to celebrates fireworks in a special way. So he created a metal suit that he calls the fireworks safety suit. To demonstrate his device, he daringly stood in an exploding fireworks display while protected in his metal suit. Crazy. 


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May 132014
Giant Gummy Bear Dropped In Potassium Chlorate Is Explosive

As most nerds know, potassium chlorate is highly reactive with sugar. To entertain kids, performing scientists will often drop a gummy bear in a little bit of the compound to show off the flaming effects. Vat19 likes to take things to the next level. As they sell giant, 5-pound gummy bears, they decided to perform the experiment in a super-sized fashion.

And boom goes the dynamite. 


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May 092014
Aluminium Powder Igniting In Slow Motion

Most people don’t realize that aluminium is highly flammable. It’s just not so easy to light a big chunk of the chemical element at once. But aluminium powder? Ya, that stuff ignites almost instantly. The scientists at Periodic Videos demonstrate just how flammable the metal is in powder form in this slow motion video.  


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Apr 282014
Firecracker Exploding In Super Slow Motion

Pop! What was that? Firecrackers go off so fast, it’s often hard to recognize them. That’s why the Crazy Russian Hacker has slowed things down with his super slow motion camera. He set off a simple pull-string firecracker under the lens of his camera to demonstrate what really happens when things go pop


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Mar 222014
Snowman Exploding In Slow Motion To End Winter

Do you feel that? Spring is officially here. 

Sure it’s still cold, but there’s a faint warm breeze of Spring in the air. There’s even some rare green grass appearing as the record snow melts.

To say good bye to Old Man Winter properly, Grant Thompson blew up a couple snowmen with rapidly expanding gasses and captured the footage at a super slow 4,500 frames per second. 


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