Mar 222014
Snowman Exploding In Slow Motion To End Winter

Do you feel that? Spring is officially here. 

Sure it’s still cold, but there’s a faint warm breeze of Spring in the air. There’s even some rare green grass appearing as the record snow melts.

To say good bye to Old Man Winter properly, Grant Thompson blew up a couple snowmen with rapidly expanding gasses and captured the footage at a super slow 4,500 frames per second. 


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Jan 222014
Melon Explosion In Super Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys are back!

After a failed project, the two decided to simply pop a melon under the lens of their super slo-mo camera at 2,500 frames per second.

They lit a small fire cracker in the melon and captured the epic footage as it exploded like Alderaan.

Daniel Gruchy made the foolish mistake of sitting right next to the melon, and received a slight bit of melon shrapnel to the head.


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Dec 272013
Lebanese TV Is Interrupted By Car Bomb Blast

A car bomb struck in downtown Beirut, Lebanon killing five and leaving many wounded. The blast was so powerful that it literally shook a nearby TV station.

This video, just posted online by FutureTV News, shows the moment their newscast was interrupted by the powerful thunderous blast which shocked the news reporters and left them momentarily dumbfounded.


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Nov 282013
Thanksgiving Turkey Explosion Prank

Not all YouTube pranksters are offering charity this Thanksgiving. 

Roman Atwood decided to invite his closes relatives for a nice holiday turkey dinner. Or so they thought.

He set up some type of explosive device under the turkey which went off in the middle of dad’s prayer.  


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Nov 022013
Electrical Power Line Fireball In Lachine, Montreal

NSFW Language Warning

This short video by Huw Griffiths has gone viral after being featured on Reddit

During a windy night, a power-line issue occurred, causing a giant electrical fireball to travel down the lines and explode!

Never has swearing been more appropriate. 

Electrical engineer BeesKnees21 explains that the fireball is actually “a high impedance electrical arcing fault. They can start because of tree branches or animals or lightning strikes or anything that can bridge two phases or a phase and ground. The air becomes ionized and no longer acts as an insulator but a conductor.”


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