Oct 072014
Train Smashes Semi Truck Stuck On Train Tracks

It looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie or action packed TV show. But this is totally real life. While travelling through the small town of Mer Rouge, Louisiana, David and his friends watched in horror as a semi-truck hauling a giant crane became stuck on the train tracks. They could hear the train horn howling and could only watch as the train smashed through the truck like butter. 


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Aug 252014
SpaceX Rocket Explodes Midair

Private space exploration company SpaceX has gone viral many times in the past with videos showing off their impressive rockets. But they aren’t perfect. During a test flight of their new SpaceX’s Falcon 9-R Dev1 rocket over the weekend, an anomaly occurred prompting the Termination System to activate. 

Garrett Frankson captured the moment when the rocket blew up on camera. SpaceX posted an official statement on Twitter.


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Aug 212014
Crazy Inventor Creates Fireworks Safety Suit To Stand In Fireworks Display

Colin Furze is well known for his outlandish inventions and creations. Who can forget his wrist flame throwers or jet bicycle? As summer and fireworks season is winding down, Colin wanted to celebrates fireworks in a special way. So he created a metal suit that he calls the fireworks safety suit. To demonstrate his device, he daringly stood in an exploding fireworks display while protected in his metal suit. Crazy. 


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May 132014
Giant Gummy Bear Dropped In Potassium Chlorate Is Explosive

As most nerds know, potassium chlorate is highly reactive with sugar. To entertain kids, performing scientists will often drop a gummy bear in a little bit of the compound to show off the flaming effects. Vat19 likes to take things to the next level. As they sell giant, 5-pound gummy bears, they decided to perform the experiment in a super-sized fashion.

And boom goes the dynamite. 


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May 092014
Aluminium Powder Igniting In Slow Motion

Most people don’t realize that aluminium is highly flammable. It’s just not so easy to light a big chunk of the chemical element at once. But aluminium powder? Ya, that stuff ignites almost instantly. The scientists at Periodic Videos demonstrate just how flammable the metal is in powder form in this slow motion video.  


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