Aug 172016
Dry Ice In Slime Has Awesome Results

As the Internet already knows very well, dry ice is always good for some entertaining science experiments. Being the self proclaimed Crazy Russian Hacker, he decided to see what happens when you place dry ice into some green gooey slime. 


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Aug 042016
Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower

It’s darn hot out. How how? There are literally fires burning out of control across the States. The Backyard Scientist is sweating down in Florida so he decided to mess around with super cold liquid nitrogen. 

After building a ‘freeze-ray’ he decided to put it up against a flame thrower. The results are glorious. 


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Jul 052016
Filling Giant Balloons With Liquid Nitrogen

Grant Thompson is famous on YouTube as the king of random. He often performs unexpected and outrageous science experiments. For his latest video, he purchased a bunch of giant 6 foot water balloons and filled them with liquid nitrogen.

Don’t try this one at home!


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Jun 182016
Comedian Hides Crackers Around Apartment To Test Girlfriend

Comedian Turner Barrowman asked himself a simple question. How many Ritz Bitz crackers could he hide around the house before his girlfriend figured out that something was going on. The results of the social experiment are hilarious. 


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