Jul 112014
Explaining Facebook’s Secret Psychological Experiment

The Internet blew up in an uproar after Facebook disclosed that they had held a psychological experiment on their users last year without their knowledge. But what exactly did they do? Sci Show explains what the whole hullabaloo was about in this educational video.  


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Jun 262014
What Happens When You Crack An Egg Underwater

Have you ever wondered what happens if you crack an egg underwater? Cellphone company Nokia wanted to find out, so they attempted the experiment. Besides for revealing how an un-shelled egg maintains form in the salty water, it also shows that fish love eggs as much as we do! Yum! 


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Jun 202014
Identical Twins Chewing Gum Experiment

Beldent chewing gum commissioned this social experiment which is now going viral. At the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires, a slew of twins were placed around a room. One twin was chewing gum while the other simply sat motionless. When asked questions about the twins, nearly 70% of visitors reacted more positively to the one chewing gum. 


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May 192014
Epic Experiments With 100 Lbs Of Magnetic Putty

Variety store Vat19 continues to produce entertaining and viral commercials to promote their products. This latest commercial demonstrating outrageous experiments with 100 pounds of magnetic putty has been trending over the weekend and stands with over 900,000 views! Of course, you’ll have to buy a lot of this putty to attain 100 lbs as the putty comes in containers of only 3.2 ounces. 


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May 132014
Giant Gummy Bear Dropped In Potassium Chlorate Is Explosive

As most nerds know, potassium chlorate is highly reactive with sugar. To entertain kids, performing scientists will often drop a gummy bear in a little bit of the compound to show off the flaming effects. Vat19 likes to take things to the next level. As they sell giant, 5-pound gummy bears, they decided to perform the experiment in a super-sized fashion.

And boom goes the dynamite. 


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