Jan 312016
Scientist Is Nearly Hit By Wrecking Ball To Prove Basic Law Of Physics

The law of conservation is simple enough, stating that energy can not be destroyed, only changed. Physicist Andreas Wahl demonstrates the law in this daring science experiment in which he lets go of a giant wrecking ball by his face and let it swing back at him. Even if you fully understand the science, it can still be very intimidating to let a giant wrecking ball swing right at you. 


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Jan 192016
Washing Machine With A Brick Spinning Bounces On Trampoline

It’s a difficult task to be original on the Internet. There’s already countless videos demonstrating the disastrous effects of putting a brick into a spinning washing machine. But Bootsowen has somehow added something new to the mix. 

A trampoline. The results are surprising to say the least. This video from last May has only gone viral now with over one million hits!


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Dec 272015
What Happens When You Mix Coke And Bleach Is Surprising

Everyone knows that the strongest product in the cleaning aisle is bleach. It can kill nearly any stain, and ruin your favorite pants if just a drop gets near them. Apparently, these incredible cleaning properties even apply to the world’s favorite drink: Coca-Cola. The Crazy Russian Hacker had the insane idea to see what would happen if he added a few drops of bleach to a glass of Coke. Surprisingly, the bleach apparently ‘washes’ the dark soda clear.


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Dec 172015
Pouring Molten Aluminum Into A Tank Of Water Balls

For his latest experiment, The Backyard Scientist filled a fish tank with water balls, which are simply small clear beads filled with water. Then he poured molten aluminum into the tanks. 

The results of the science experiment are extraordinary to say the least. 


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Dec 072015
People React To Being Called Beautiful

We’re funny creatures us humans. When made fun of or berated in front of others we often blush and become embarrassed. But when someone pays us a compliment we often react in the same way. Why is that? Shea Glover wanted to find out, so they held this social experiment where they told people they looked beautiful to see how they react. This video is actually from last Spring, but has only gone viral now with over 6 million new views!


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