Mar 212015
Man Who Lost 270 Pounds Give Powerful Speech On Body Positivity

When Matt Diaz was just 16 years old he weighed nearly 500 pounds! But after six years of dedication and hard work, he has lost 270 pounds! But now he must deal with the extra skin he grew when he was so over weight. He discusses the difficulties of being over weight, having low self-esteem, and the importance of body positivity and self-love in this inspirational viral video


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Mar 172015
Uptown Funk Dance Performed On Treadmill

The upbeat new tune Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars is a perfect song to play to energize you while exercising. Carson Dean took this concept to the next level by performing an epic dance to the viral song while walking on the treadmill. 

His treadmill dance has gone viral with over 430,000 views!


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Dec 022014
Inspiring 77 Year Old Grandma Can Lift More Than You

Most people slow down once they hit retirement around their 60′s. But Willie Murphy is still going strong at the age of 77! The tender granny is also bad to the bone as she can lift more than most young people. She started weight training in her 50′s, and is now a competitive power lifter. She can dead lift over 200 pounds, reports USA Today.


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Nov 282014
Talking Treadmill Prank

With the holidays here, people are hitting the gym extra hard to sweat off those delicious pumpkin pie pounds. Prankster Stuart Edge thought it would be a fun prank to attach a bluetooth speaker to one treadmill at the gym that would talk to runner in that iconic Siri robot voice.

“You’re running too slow.”  


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Nov 262014
Munchkin Dog Wearing Teddy Bear Costume Adorably Exercises On Treadmill

It was only two weeks ago when Munchkin the Shih Tzu hit the web wearing a homemade teddy bear costume made by her owner. The adorable dog/teddy bear amassed millions of hits! Now, her owner is continuing the cuteness by having Munchkin exercise a bit on the treadmill wearing her teddy costume. So cute! 


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