Jul 302015
1,000 Musicians Play Learn To Fly By Foo Fighters

In order to ask the Foo Fighters leader singer Dave Grohl to come and perform in Cesena, Italy, Fabio Zaffagnini organized one of the most epic concerts ever. He had 1,000 musician and singers perform the Foo Fighters hit single Learn To Fly at all once. Their performance is simply inspiring. 


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Jul 282015
100 Years Of German Beauty

Cut Video is back with another gorgeous episode in their 100 years of beauty series. This time, the cover the makeup and fashion trends in Germany over the past century, covering both East Germany and West Germany after the country was split post-World War II. As usual, their work is simply stunning. 


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Jul 142015
German Pranksters Build Brick Wall Blocking Train Door

This is definitely not your average prank. Some hooligans in Germany had the guts to haul a bunch of cement bricks onto a Hamburg S-Bahn train and painstakingly built a brick wall blocking one of the train car’s doors. Imagine travelling on a busy day to work only to encounter a brick wall blocking you from boarding your train. Many commuters thought it was fake, but police have confirmed the prank was real and they are now investigating. This video has gone viral withe over 280,000 hits!


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Jul 142015
100 Years Of Italian Beauty

When people think of Italy, they think of Catholicism, pizza, and beautiful fashion and people. Cut Video is back with their popular series covering beauty trends over the past one hundred years. This time, they review the past ten decades of Italian beauty, makeup, and fashion styles. Simply stunning and gorgeous! 


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Jul 072015
The European Debt Crisis Visualized

For the past couple years now, there has been a spotlight on Europe and the debt crisis of a number of European nations. But the situation with Greece has become critical now that a debt payment of billions of Euros has been missed. Many are questing if the the Eurozone will be able to survive if Greece defaults. 

This educational video by Bloomberg Business was published in February, but is trending now more than ever with one million new views since Greece missed their last debt payment. 


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