Mar 232015
Pope Francesco Accepts Pizza In Naples

Besides for Catholicism, Italy is probably most famous for pizza. As the city of Naples is considered the birth place of pizza, pizza maker Antonio Greco of Don Ernesto restaurant wanted to give Pope Francis an appropriate gift when he was visiting. So when the Pope drove by in his Pope-mobile, Antonio ran along side and handed Pope Frances a delicious, fresh pizza


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Mar 222015
Chickens Go To Bed During Solar Eclipse

As most people heard, there was a solar eclipse over the weekend that was visible in Europe. Apparently, some chickens in the Faroe Islands didn’t get the memo. So when the sky went dark, the chickens thought it was night time and turned in for the evening.

They soon realized that the sun was out again, and continued on with their day.  


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Mar 202015
Showing IKEA Print To Art Experts

Art is a funny concept. What might look like a mess of colors and designs to one person can be considered world class art to another worth millions of dollars. Prankster Boris of Life Hunters demonstrates this concept in this new prank in which he shows IKEA print art to so-called art experts in the Netherlands. 

This new video has gone viral with over 1.1 million hits!


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Mar 192015
Flying Snowmobile Is Crazy

The Finnish daredevils of Stunt Freaks Team weren’t satisfied with simply hang gliding off of a cliff. So they decided to merge hang gliding and snowmobiling into one epic sport. After retrofitting a snowmobile, one daring athlete hit the gas and rode it off a cliff. 

Thankfully, it worked and he gracefully flew down to safe ground. This video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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