Nov 272014
Passengers Pushing Airplane In Serbia

Imagine your flight is delayed because of bitter cold temperatures. OK, that’s not totally ridiculous. But imagine instead of waiting for the tarmac crew to spray the runway and airplane down, you were asked to get out in the frigid below freezing temperatures and literally help push the plane. That’s exactly what happened to one flight leaving Serbia. 

The Siberian Times published this crazy video of the event that has gone viral now.  


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Nov 252014
Drone Captures Gorgeous Footage Of Dom Tower Tallest Church In The Netherlands

The Dom Tower of Utrecht, or Domtoren Utrecht in Dutch, is well known in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe for having the tallest church tower. The gorgeous Gothic style tower stands just over 110 meters tall. Drone flyer Overview waited ten long months until the weather was just right to fly his camera equipped drone up into the sky to record this breathtaking video. The clip has instantly gone viral with over half a million views!


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Nov 222014
Drunk Brits Fix Bent Bike Rack Late At Night

Nighttime drinkers are known to cause disturbances and damages to property, but the council in Boston, Lincolnshire want people to know that they’re not all bad. A group of late night partiers saw a bike rack that was bent out of shape from an apparent car accident and for some reason decided to fix the bent metal with their own bare hands. England’s Channel 4 News posted the CCTV footage


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Nov 212014
Honest Bank Commercial Is Truly Honest

We all recognize a bank commercial the second the ad starts on television. The guy in the suit talking to his coworkers at the bank, bragging about how great his institution is. Norwegian bank Nordnet is a little bit different though. They want to actually be transparent, so they made this truly honest bank commercial to demonstrate that they aren’t messing around. 

“Hi, I’m a paid actor!”


Via Tastefully Offensive

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Nov 172014
Elderly Italian Cook Can’t Pronounce ‘Worcestershire Sauce’

Orsara Recipes is one of the Internet’s go to YouTube channels to learn genuine and authentic Italian cooking. Orsara is from the old country and knows a thing or two about Italian food. But with such an Italian tongue, he sometimes struggles with English. During a recent video shoot, he simply couldn’t properly pronounce ‘Worcestershire sauce.’ Don’t worry, most Americans can’t pronounce it either. This bloopers reel has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!


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