Jun 142016
James Bond VS Austin Powers Epic Rap Battle

James Bond is probably the most famous spy in the world. For decades now, he’s been known as the slick, sexy spy who can save the world from cliche evil villains. Mike Myers parodied everything we love and hate about James bond with his Austin Powers character. So it only makes sense to have the two face off in an epic rap battle. 


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May 032016
J. R. R. Tolkien VS George R. R. Martin

It’s back! After an eternal hiatus in Internet time, one of YouTube’s most popular shows Epic Rap Battle has finally returned for a new season. For the debut episode, they had British author and poet J. R. R. Tolkien orally battle it out with Game of Thrones famous creator George R. R. Martin. 


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Dec 172015
Deadpool VS Boba Fett Epic Rap Battle

One of the coolest characters in Star Wars is ironically one of the quietest and least known. Boba Fett. He’s just so cool with his armored suit, jet pack, and flame thrower. To celebrate the new Star Wars movie, Epic Rap Battles of History pinned the stoic bounty hunter against Marvel’s Deadpool. This is gonna be good!


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Aug 032015
Jim Henson VS Stan Lee Epic Rap Battle

Most nerds are familiar with Stan Lee. He’s the brainchild of the entire Marvel superhero world. Ya, all those Marvel movies cluttering the box office? You have him to thank. But there’s another puppet master that not as many people know who has had huge impact on our culture and society. Jim Henson, one of the creators of Sesame Street and The Muppets. So which creative genius is best? There’s only one way to find out. With an epic rap battle


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Jul 202015
Shaka Zulu VS Julius Caesar Epic Rap Battle

Shaka kaSenzangakhona, or just Shaka Zulu for short, was a powerful king of the Zulu Kingdom in the southern tip of Africa in the 19th century. But can he stand toe to toe with Rome’s powerful leader Julius Caesar? To finally decide which leader is greater, the two, played by DeStorm Power and Nice Peter, face off in an Epic Rap Battle


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