Jun 272013

Ryan Wang is only five years old, but he’s already world famous for his impressive piano skills. He’s starred in multiple viral videos, and has even performed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Even though she is 101 years old, Dorothy Landry’s favorite pianist is Ryan. With the help of CBC Music, the Canada broadcast Company set up a private concert for Ryan to perform special for Dorothy. 

Before playing ‘Variations on an Inner Mongolian Folk Song,’ Dorothy thanked the five year old boy for coming all the way from China. Even little Ryan couldn’t help but become misty-eyed after hearing the kind words of his oldest fan. 


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Jun 222013

New Zealander Andrew Johnson has suffered from Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease since 2009 at the age of 35 years old. In November 2012, and early 2013, he underwent serious brain surgery, called Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, or DBS, to help control his motor symptoms.

In this week old video that has gone viral recently, Andrew demonstrates how beneficial the surgery has been for him. Read more on his Young And Shaky blog.

Now, the video stands with over 775,000 hits.


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Jun 212013

GE published this emotional science video in May, but it is trending now more than ever. The short film Fire With Fire tells the story of how GE and a slew of top doctors maybe on the verge of a cancer fighting epiphany. 

Doctor Stephan A. Grupp explains how his team engineered the HIV virus to attack only cancer cells.

After her leukemia returned twice, young Emma had no other choices left. The doctors decided she was fit for the dangerous clinical trial of purposefully being infected with HIV.

What happened next shocked even the doctors themselves.  


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Jun 202013

After 36 years of dedicated service, the principal Hingham Middle School in Hingham, Massachusetts, Mr. Roger Boddie, is set to retire.

To send off the man who gave so much to their school in proper style, the faculty first tricked him into giving a tour of the new building construction while the students prepared his surprise.

Once he was on the roof top, the students and faculty performed a goodbye flash mob performance that has most viewers misty-eyed. 

The video was actually posted online last week, but has only gone viral now. 


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Jun 122013

When Travis Pratt from Georgia stepped onto the America’s Got Talent stage, no one expected him to sing classical opera music of all things. But this is AGT after all. So when he started to sing the timeless Puccini classic O Mio Babbino Caro, the judges’ jaws hit the floor.

And when he knocked the song out of the park, the judges and audience went absolutely wild. 

After being showered with compliments by the judges, Travis admitted that he would never have sang in public if it weren’t for his girlfriend talking him into it.

Howey insisted on meeting her, and once she was on stage, Travis took the once in a life time opportunity to pop the questionOf course, she said, ‘yes.’


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