Nov 062013
Teen With Serious Stammer Finds His Voice By Listening To Music On ‘Educating Yorkshire’

This clip from Channel 4’s documentary series Educating Yorkshire has gone viral after being reposted on YouTube by YorkshireLad19.

The powerful finale features 16 year old Musharaf Asghar who suffers from a serious stammer.

His teacher Mr Burton was inspired by The King’s Speech to have Mushy attempt his crucial GCSE speech while listening to music with headphones. 

Like magic, Mushy struggles, but finally gets the words out. 


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Nov 062013
Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Surprises And Creates Song With Teen Who Suffers From Spina Bifida

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and David Gruber collaborated to create It’s Aaron, a charity organization to “create awareness for organizations and people who are changing the world.”

In their latest episode, the two philanthropists surprise Kelly, a teenager who suffers from Spina Bifida, at the famous Pabst Theater in Milwaukee. 

Together, Aaron and Kelly create a song together, and highlight IndependenceFirst, “an organization run by and for the benefit of people who have disabilities.”


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Nov 052013
Two Girls Missing Their Left Hand Are Best Friends Through Skype Commercial

Sarah and Paige live across the world, but have one thing in common. They both were born missing their left hand.

Their parents wanted them to connect with someone similar to them, and found each other through the Internet. 

Since the age of 8, the two have been skyping on a regular basis, and have become best friends. Even though they feel like sisters, they have never met before. 

Until now

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Nov 042013
Woman Discusses Life With Short Term Memory Loss Animation

Remember the 2000’s movie Memento where the main character had short term memory loss and had to write everything down to remind himself of simplest things, like who his friends were? 

Gweneviere Mann has a very similar short-term memory disorder following a bumpy brain surgery to remove a tumor. 

She and her boyfriend Yasir Salem discuss the trials and tribulations of dealing with her new memory and its affect on their relationship in this touching Story Corps animation. 


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Nov 032013
YouTube Prankster Vitaly Helps Homeless Man Get New Set Of Teeth

Back in July, YouTube prankster Vitaly gave a random homeless man named Martin a makeover, including a haircut, new clothes, a steak dinner, and more.

That video stands with over 5.8 million views!

Though he is doing a bit better, Vitaly couldn’t forget how Martin dreamed of getting his teeth fixed. 

For an epic part 2 to the makeover, Vitaly surprised Martin with the news that he was granting his wish. The extraction surgery and new dentures would have cost over $10,000, but with Vitaly’s help, the kind doctors waived the fee. 


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