Aug 112013

Telling mom and dad that a grand-baby is on the way is always popular online. To let his mom in on the good news, Sean set up a cute scavenger hunt in the kitchen with a hidden message.  

Mom quickly put two and two together after finding a bun in the oven

“It’s a buuuun! It’s a bun in the oven!” screamed mom as she hugged her daughter in law. 


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Aug 072013

As the viral community has seen before, commercials are much different in the far East than in the US. They are often emotional short films that only make a slight mention of the sponsor at the end.

This commercial for Malaysian oil and gas company PETRONAS was posted in 2010 though it aired in honor of the Chinese New Year in 2006. Only now has the ad gone viralviral on the Western web, instantly garnering over half a million views

The video features a circle of older mothers, showing off their children’s accomplishments while they enjoy lunch. But ironically at the end, it is the mother with the commoner child who the group is most envious of. 


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Aug 022013

Jerry Ascione takes his ‘couponing’ very seriously. The 34 year old lives in Coral Springs, Florida has been mastering the art of coupons for eleven years.

As he is well versed in retail, he knows to wait for the lucky opportunities where he can actually make money by using a coupon for a price that exceeds the actual product store price. 

But with the extra money comes a lot of crackers. Jerry figured he should put the food to good use, so he regularly drives around the rougher parts of town to give all his excess away to the homeless

Now, this short film where he explains the art of ‘couponing’ and takes the camera on one of his food giveaways runs is trending. RightThisMinute, CNN, and Reddit have all featured the video. 


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Jul 312013

Movie Clips Trailers traversed through countless hours of classic movie footage to go meta as the web loves. In just three minutes, they tell the story of the human experience, from birth to death, through the lens of the movie theater. 

Now, the short film, which encompasses over 150 famous movie clips, is going viral. 


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Jul 282013

Gkadish posted this touching surprise video, titled I made my mother cry today, back in 2010, but it is trending now more than ever.

He starts the video by telling his 70 year old mother to meet him at the Mercedes dealer where he claimed to be having service done on his car

But the secret plan was really to surprise mom with the Mercedes E class she has always wanted. He showed her the E class as the car he was thinking about getting as his winter car.

“Oh, I want this one,” his mom instantly said after laying eyes on the Benz. 

Once she was seated inside, she announced, “This is my car!” to which her son responded with, “It IS your car. Happy birthday!”

Naturally, mom was in such a shock by the surprise, she was momentarily speechless. 


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