Sep 192013
Man Proposes While Tandem Wakesurfing With Girlfriend

There are countless proposal videos online, but Matthew Gencarella wanted his to truly be unique. 

So he set up a fun day of tandem wakesurfing with his girlfriend and while riding on the same board, made sure the cameras were rolling.

When the time was right, he dropped to his knee on the board–all while speeding down the lake.

Viewers can’t hear anything in the resulting slow motion video, but that hasn’t stopped them from feeling emotional chills upon seeing Matt’s girlfriend nod yes and the two embrace and splash into the water.  


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Sep 182013
Nick’s First Pitch, An Emotional Google Fiber Story

Thirteen year old Nick has loved baseball for as long as he can remember. He always dreamed of being in the majors, and his parents thought it might be possible if he continued striving in the sport. 

But suddenly, life came and kicked Nick and his family in the face. Nick was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Aplastic Anemia

The doctors told Nick he could no longer be around large groups of people, making playing in, or even going to, a baseball game impossible. 

That’s when Google stepped in.

Using the power of their new Google Fiber optic network, Google brought baseball to Nick. 

“With the help of the web, Nick was able to throw out the first pitch at A’s/Yankee’s game at the Oakland Coliseum in California from the Google Fiber Space in Kansas City—more than 1800 miles away.”


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Sep 172013
Parents Surprise Daughter With Taylor Swift Concert Detour While Driving To Dinner

What American girl doesn’t love Taylor Swift? Chase sure does. But being a kid with no money or car, she sadly couldn’t go to the T-Swift concert in her town. 

As a great surprise, Chase’s mom Carly Ann secretly bought tickets for the whole family to go the the concert.

On the last day of school, Mom told Chase they were going to dinner, and only on the way in the car did she deliver the good news. There would be no sushi tonight. Only 22 and  I Knew You Were Trouble!

Naturally, Chase couldn’t stop smiling. 

The video was only posted yesterday and has experienced a viral explosion after being featured on the front page of Reddit!  

Already, the touching clip has amassed over 350,000 views and continues to the surge in popularity after subsequently being featured on a slew popular media outlets, such as Gawker, DailyMail, HuffPost, and EOnline . 


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Sep 142013
Rachel Potter Sings Country Cover Of “Somebody To Love” By Queen On X-Factor

Like so many people around the world, Rachel Potter was too afraid to chase after her dreams for years. She’s always wanted to be a country music star, but there was always something obstructing her fantasy. 

Finally, at the age of 29, Rachel felt she waited long enough. She mustered up her courage and took to the X-Factor stage to perform a one of a kind cover of Queen’s Somebody To Love with a country music twist!

Now, her performance is going viral, and stands with over 400,000 hits already as it trends through the weekend. 


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Sep 132013
Dave Matthews and Grover Sing about Feelings

Sesame Street knows a thing or two about going viral. The formula is simple really. Just mix familiar and adorable Sesame Street characters with famous and iconic pop culture icons in the same video.

And they follow that formula to a tee in their latest trending video which features world famous musician Dave Matthews singing the blues with Grover the monster. 


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