Dec 122012

Those who were conscious in 2003 remember how big Chappelle Show was when it premiered on Comedy Central. Everyone was watching it and talking about Dave Chappelle. And for good reason. The show’s hilarious, but more so, he is hilarious. 

But after his second season, things started to get dramatic off screen, and the big time celebrity slid into a more secluded, private life. 

In tribute to the show, and the man, SciA made this more-powerful-than-funny short film that has started to trend. 


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Dec 072012

What happens when two people love each other, but have to break up for other reasons? Well, if they are musically talented then they make a music video and post it online

And that’s exactly what Jonathan Mann did after five years of a committed relationship. He wants kids, but his girlfriend doesn’t. And she isn’t changing her mind.

So they made this We’ve Got To Break Up music video which is going viral, already amassing over 150,000 views in two days. The video is also featured on NYDailyNews, Mirror, and HWGossip


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Nov 292012

 is one of YouTube‘s most popular auto-tune remix artists. For his latest remix piece, he took Charlie Chaplin’s timeless 1940 anti-fascist speech from The Great Dictator, and gave it a 21st century auto-tune twist


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Nov 292012

‘ son James is ten years old and suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. His favorite toys are Lego’s which he has been playing with since he was four years old. 

A few years ago he spotted the Emerald Night Train set at the toy store, and fell in love. His parents said he had to save and pay for the $100 set himself.

After two years of saving, he finally had enough. But, alas! The set was discontinued.

Lucky for James, Lego is a company that knows how to deal with their fans.  


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Nov 272012

Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around family, so that’s why  flew all the way from Hong Kong to New York just for the weekend. 

His friend helped him pull off the trip, and just before knocking on the family apartment door, they turned on the camera

Naturally, mom ran up to him jumping and smiling. Dad simply invited him to go to the DMV on Saturday. Classic. 


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