Aug 252013

Green Shoe Studios in East Peoria, IL held a song writing contest online and for their small community a few months back. When they received a large manila envelope in the physical mail, they never would have guessed it was a song entry by a 96 year old man named Fred. 

Fred lived with the love of his life Lorraine for 75 wonderful years. Sadly, she recently passed, and Fred hasn’t been able to get over her. After seeing the contest announced in the paper, he wrote this sweet song, titled Sweet Lorraine, to help his heart heal and mailed it in. 

Green Shoe was so touched by the song, they helped Fred have the song professional produced. Now, the wonderful story is trending online. 


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Aug 232013

We live in a new world. A new age where nearly everyone is connected to the Internet no matter where they are with the help of their phones. But, more and more, we find ourselves being sucked into the virtual world only to leave the real one behind. 

This new short film by CharstarleneTV, titled I Forgot My Phone, demonstrates how much we’ve changed by highlighting the one girl who forgot her phone for the day. 


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Aug 212013

No matter where in the world one finds oneself, fitting in with other is always crucial. It’s part of being a normal, functioning human. But there is a delicate line between fitting in and losing one’s self-identity. Popular online personality Zefrank discusses how he dealt with fitting in as he grew up in this crazy world with this powerful new short film Fitting In Cardboard


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Aug 202013

The Gift Of Water posted this touching short film on the first of August, and now the video stands with over half a million hits.

The powerful video showcases the dramatic statistic that 1 in 5 children in Africa won’t live to see their fifth birthday due to only having access to unsafe drinking water. 

As four year old Nkaitole is one of those children, The Gift Of Water helped him make a bucket list to truly drive this point home. 


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Aug 152013

Last week, Jerry Ascione was trending online for his Extreme ‘Couponing’ video. Jerry has returned with another inspiring video after getting a crazy good deal on Fuze iced tea.

After paying less than a dollar a twelve pack, he loaded his truck with thousands of cans of tea, filled the remaining space with ice, and hit the rough part of town to quench the severe thirst of needy people on the hot, humid Florida day.


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