Apr 222013

Celeste and Sydney Corcoran have become famous as the mother and daughter who were both brutally injured by the explosions at the Boston Marathon last week. Now, the two are recovering together in the same hospital room. 

To raise their spirits, marines who sustained similar leg injuries visited Celeste and Sydney in the hospital. 

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Celeste told the first marine. “I can’t believe it’s the same,” referring to his identical leg amputation. 

“This is basically the start, this is the new beginning for the both of you,” the marine told the two standing on his titanium legs. 

Alyssa Carter just posted this video of the touching scene and already it is going viral. Send your love to their Facebook page and donate to their recovery fund


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Apr 182013

The entire country is still in a state of shock and mourning after the terror bombing attack at the Boston Marathon. But Americans will always persevere. 

This was evident at the Bruins-Sabres hockey game on Wednesday. Singer Rene Rancourt started the National Anthem, but quickly, the entire stadium took over, singing as one voice. Not one dry eye.

Already, the video posted by specmotors has over 625,000 hits.  


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Apr 172013

Alice Fredenham is another contestant on this new season of Britain’s Got Talent to go viral, collected over 860,000 hits in less than a week. 

She was more than nervous before her performance singing My Funny Valentine, so nervous in fact, she came to her audition alone so to not embarrass herself in front of any of her peers. 

“I didn’t want to let anyone down,” she later said. 

As she sang, the auditorium was completely silent barring her voice. She couldn’t tell how she was doing. But after she finished, the room erupted in applause as everyone instantly rose to their feet to congratulate Alice on her outstanding job well done. 

Alice couldn’t help but break down in tears

“I absolutely love you, and I love your voice. And I also love the fact that you actually don’t know how good you are. Wow!” said Simon. 

“World class,” added David. 


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Apr 162013

The name Carlos Arredondo has quickly gone viral after the horrific attack at the Boston Marathon. Who is the man? He was one of the first-responders at the finish line who famously helped a man who lost his legs. He has been nicknamed ‘cowboy’ by the media in honor of his epic cowboy hat. 

After the bomb scene had finally calmed, Carlos gave this powerful impromptu interview on the street which is now going viral as well.

Shaking vigorously–most likely from adrenaline, emotion, the cold–he tells the interviewers how limbs seemed to be everywhere after the blast. He heard many maimed people ask for help all around him, but he knew he could only help one person at a time. And he did. 

No doubt, his blood soaked American flag will live on as a symbol of the attack and America‘s resilience. 


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Apr 152013

Dove is known for their eye-opening media projects, often raising the veil on impossible societal expectations, specifically for women’s bodies. 

For their latest social experiment, entitled Real Beauty Sketches, they recruited a slew of women to be blindly interviewed about their bodies. The questioner was actually a sketch artist drawing his subjects using only the answers the women themselves offered about their curves and blemishes.

When asked neutral questions such as, “What would be your most prominent feature,” nearly all the women would offer a negative answer, such as, “my fat head.”

After, the women were told to befriend another subject in the project. Incredibly, when they were interviewed about their new friend, they could only offer the most positive attributes. 

When the women see the sketch made from their answers, and the much brighter, and nicer sketch made from the answers of their new friend, they naturally become emotional

What does this say about how we view ourselves?


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