May 282013

Scott Belkner’s parents realized something was wrong when his mom tried to teach him to swim as a baby, but he simply couldn’t perform the physical motions. 

The doctors would later diagnose him with cerebral palsy. Though he cannot speak, and has difficulty controlling many parts of his body, Scott never let anything stand in the way of his dreams.

The fact that all his life people reinforced the idea that he couldn’t do things for himself only motivated him further. 

Now, as a thirty year old he is an avid body builder, hitting the gym more often, and pump more iron, than most fully-abled people. 

Eli G published this short film about Scott, titled Scott’s Story, It Just Take Me Little Longer, that has amassed over 455,000 views over the past ten days. 

After going viral, Scott participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything which also went viral in its own right. 


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May 212013

While America and other Western countries are hyper focused on the debate over same sex marriage legislation, many people overlook the fact that 76 countries in the world still criminalize people of the LGBT community. 

Around the globe in 2013, gays are still treated as second class citizens, with some even facing the death penalty.

UN HUMAN RIGHTS posted this commercial, titled The Riddle, last week to expose the injustice and violence millions of LGBT people endure with the hopes that one day they won’t have to.  


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May 212013

Seventeen year old Zach Sobiech has become somewhat of an Internet celebrity. With only months to live after fighting a rare form of cancer for too long, Zach turned to music to find his peace.

His song Clouds quickly went viral online, garnering millions of hits, and was even covered by famous celebrities

Now, after his very sad and untimely passing, this twenty minute documentary published by Soul Pancake about Zach has gone viral, amassing over one million views just over the past few days. The video is further featured on UpWorthy, People, and NowMSN.


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May 192013

Superdatsun posted this video last week, and it quickly has gone viral over the weekend, amassing over two million views. Rev was raised listening to Adele, so whenever his human buddy cranks up the British Grammy winner, he gets all emotional and sings along. And the Internet loves Rev.


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May 142013

Just over the weekend, video of an adorable pug seemingly cheering at the end of Homeward Bound hit the viral scene. Viewers loved watching the pup emotionally react to the ending of the film.

Apparently, that pug isn’t the only dog who can follow a movie plot.

SMPULLEN‘s three year old dog, who is interestingly enough half pug, also seems to understand what’s on TV. During the famous sad scene in The Lion King when Mufasa dies with Simba at his side, the pup literally whines in sadness as Simba mourns his father.

The cute yet sad video is actually from February, but is trending again now.


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