Nov 132013
Ellen Meets The Viral Emotional Baby Who Teared Up Listening To Mom Sing

Remember the ultra viral video of the adorable baby who emotionally teared listening to mom sing the hit single My Heart Can’t Tell You No?

That video now stands with over 25 million views!

Naturally, Ellen DeGeneres saw the precious clip, and just had to have mom, dad, and the baby on her show. 

Of course, after the interview, Ellen gifted the family with a lavish vacation. 


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Nov 112013
Ellen Gives Needy Friends $10,000 And A New Car

Ellen DeGeneres is taking her job as the unofficial new Oprah quite seriously. She’s been giving money away left and right, and just recently gave away a brand new SUV, but she’s not done yet. 

Now, as a double whammy, Ellen invited two best friends who never miss her show, and–after giving them two big screen TV’s–gave one $10,000 and the other a brand new car!

Which gift would you prefer?


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Nov 082013
Ellen Gives Inspiring Yet Needy Waitress A Brand New Car

Three weeks ago, Ellen got wind of a charitable waitress who, instead of charging her customers, paid for their meal. Ellen was so inspired, she decided to help Sarah by giving her $10,000

But Ellen wasn’t satisfied. So she tricked Sarah into thinking she was having a TV news interview when instead she was going to get the surprise of her life

A brand new Hyundai Sante Fe! 


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Oct 312013
Ellen Sends Her Staff To Haunted Ship Adventure

Ellen DeGeneres loves scaring her guests and her staffer Amy on her popular talk show.

This year, she sent her writer Amy and producer Andy to the Walking Dead Haunted House, and the web loved the subsequent video. Already, the clip has amassed over 4.5 million views! 

Ellen thought, why not again? So on her special Halloween episode she sent Amy and Andy to the terrifying Haunted Ship Adventure. This is gonna be good….


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Oct 222013
Ellen Sends Her Two Staffers Through Walking Dead Haunted House

Ellen DeGeneres loves scary people, be it her celebrity guests or her writer Amy

Every October she has a tradition of sending Amy through a Halloween haunted house for all of America to laugh at, but this year she doubled the fun by sending her executive-producer Andy as well. 

The two cowered in fear at the Walking Dead Maze at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, and now the subsequent video is naturally going viral. 


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