May 302014
World Champion Salsa Dancers Perform On Ellen

Remember the world champion first grade salsa dancers who went viral a few weeks ago? That original viral video stands with over two million hits! It’s no surprise Internet queen Ellen DeGeneres caught whiff of the video. She invited the two kid dancers onto her show to chat and perform their salsa magic


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May 022014
Ellen Page Takes To Ellen DeGeneres On Coming Out

Even in today’s much more accepting society, it is extremely difficult to come out as a member of the LGBT community. Last February, actress Ellen Page went viral after she announced she was gay at a Human Rights Campaign conference. That video stands with over 4.6 million views!

Now that the dust has settled, Ellen Page went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss her powerful coming out speech


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Apr 282014
Super Cute Kid Kai Sings ‘Roar’ On Ellen

Ellen loves her tiny best friend Kai. She’s had him on her show multiple times to show off his super cute Bruno Mars singing abilities. Now that Kai has turned five years old, Ellen has invited him back on stage to take a turn from Bruno Mars and sing Katy Perry’s upbeat tune Roar. Simply adorable. 


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Apr 222014
Ellen Invites Hilarious Mid Life Crisis Southwest Flight Attendant Onto Her Show

Remember the SouthWest Airlines flight attendant who gave an outrageous pre-flight safety speech? In her video title she even admitted that she “wants to meet Ellen & Jimmy Fallon.”

Well, it seems her wish has come true! After amassing over 10 million views, Ellen DeGeneres found her video and invited her onto the Ellen Show.

Not only that, she also gave her a huge surprise as well!


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Apr 032014
Magician Andrew Kelly Performs Astounding Magic On Ellen Show

Ellen DeGeneres loves magic. So for the first time, she invited British magician Andrew Kelly onto her show.

Andrew shocked the audience and Ellen with his impressive magic card tricks. His tricks even have layers of depth to them that boggle the mind. 

How’d he do that?!


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