Jun 262014
What Happens When You Crack An Egg Underwater

Have you ever wondered what happens if you crack an egg underwater? Cellphone company Nokia wanted to find out, so they attempted the experiment. Besides for revealing how an un-shelled egg maintains form in the salty water, it also shows that fish love eggs as much as we do! Yum! 


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Mar 172014
Smashing Eggs In Slow Motion

The trick shot masters of Dude Perfect left the sports arena behind to do some ‘guy things in slow motion.’ 

In this episode, they smash eggs with a whip, a crossbow, and more, all under the watchful lens of a slow motion camera. 

Would you like your eggs scrambled or scrambled?


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Jan 192014
Cool Way To Separate Egg yolk From White Using Plastic Bottle

This how-to video was posted by Handimania in November, but is trending now more than ever.

Separating eggs yolks from the white is a tedious task that often leaves broken yolks. Here’s a ‘very cool way’ to separate the yolk using a simple plastic water bottle that is faster and more precise than traditional tricks.


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Jun 102013

This singing performance by Richard and Adam at the Britain’s Got Talent finals has gone viral, but not for the reasons anyone on stage would have wanted. 

At the end of their performance, one of the violinist on stage egged Simon Cowell.

Everyone was simply shocked by her actions, including the hosts and performers. Now, the video is trending as viewers can’t help but watch the mean ol’ Simon get what they feel he deserves. 

Already, the video has already amassed over 450,000 hits since debuting over the weekend, and is further reviewed on DailyMail


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Mar 302013

As Easter is here, the web is naturally stormed with egg-themed videos. Inventor and how-to master Night Hawkin Light has gone viralviral over the weekend with his interesting and creative how-to video explaining how to scramble hard boiled eggs inside their shell.

The trick is actually quite simple. Just secure the egg in a cloth sleeve, spin and twist the egg as hard as you can, and then pull away on both ends of the sleeve a few good times.

The force will cause the yolk to break and mix with the white. Then, simply boil the eggs as per usual hard boiled directions. Upon breaking the shell, a perfectly scrambled hard boiled egg is discovered. 

Viewers can’t help but be reminded of the vintage Egg Scrambler. Of course, after scrambling in the shell, the egg was still cracked and cooked in a traditional fashion, so what’s the point?

Already, the new video has accumulated over 400,000 views, and is featured on Fark, DailyPicks, and Gizmodo.


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