May 232016
Hilarious Explanation Of The Universe In 4 Minutes

The infinite universe is literally to large to grasp. The smartest scientists can spend their entire lives studying and barely scratch the surface of the depth of the universe.

Just for fun, parody education channel Exurb1a attempts to explain the universe in four minutes. 


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Apr 252016
John Oliver Discusses The Political Mess Of Puerto Rico

Surprisingly, many Americans don’t realize that Puerto Rico is part of America. Sure, it’s not a state, but it’s a territory, the next best thing. Puerto Ricans are American citizens. But because it’s not a state, they have special rules that don’t apply to the rest us. That’s just one reason why the island territory is in a financial mess, explains John Oliver.


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Apr 232016
Truth  Behind Freezer Burn

We’ve all been there before. We come home ready to have that frozen dinner we put away weeks ago only to open it and find it’s all dried up, smelly, and covered with ice crystals. What happened to the delicious dinner? SciShow explains. 


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Apr 142016
How A Modern TV Show Is Made

TV is such a part of most people’s lives that we all take it for granted. But for every heart racing episode of Game of Thrones or Doctor Who there countless people who needed besides the actors to put the magic on the screen. 

So how is a TV show made today? Vox explains in this eye-opening video. 


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