Apr 212014
Love Letter to Food

In today’s Western world, we are blessed with the greatest abundance of good, cheap food in human history. But because of that, we often take our food for granted. Sadly, almost half of the food grown and made in America is wasted and thrown away.

Minute Earth teamed up with a slew of farmers, foodies, and YouTubers to apologize to food, and send a message to all viewers that we need to try harder to not waste our precious food. 


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Apr 212014
Adorable Animation Depicts The Battle Between Cells And Viruses

There’s a war going on right now inside of you. Every second, your healthy cells are battling invading bacteria and viruses that are being spread by other people and animals. Thankfully, our cells are ready for battle, and have a variety of defensive mechanisms. 

As a part of TED-Ed, Shannon Stiles takes viewers on an exciting micro-biological journey as she explains how our cells fight infiltrating viruses in this adorable animation. 


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Apr 162014
28 Birthday Traditions From Around the World

Popular trivia channel Mental Floss is one year old. Happy Birthday! That prompts the question, why do we celebrate birthdays with cake and candles?

John Green explains that it all started back in ancient Egypt, and discusses everything there is no know about birthdays in this new video, 28 Birthday Traditions From Around the World.


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