Jun 172015
Guy Scores Epic Slam Dunk Off Jumping Off The Swing Set

As they say, men are just bigger, taller boys. This uncle proved just that by performing an epic slam dunk while jumping off of the swings. After building up his momentum, he pulled the toy ball from his shirt and launched himself towards the toy basketball hoop for a sweet slam. Slow motion only makes it cooler. This video by Ravenscode has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!


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Feb 152015
After Six Months Of Training, 5’7” Teen Learns To Dunk

Like millions of basketball fans and players, Road To has always wanted to be able to dunk a basketball. But he’s only 5’7”, not short, but not really the optimal height for easy dunking. But last summer he decided he was done dreaming, and started doing.

For six long months he trained and trained. He put together this compilation of his months of hard work to show his progress. Finally, he dunks! This video from the summer has only gone viral now with over half a million new hits!


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Feb 152015
Zach LaVine Performs Epic “Space Jam” Dunk Slam-Dunk Contest

The 1990’s Michael Jordan-Looney Tunes film Space Jam is still a favorite for basketball fans. Minnesota Timberwolves player Zach LaVine brought the popular kids film to life at this year’s Sprite Slam-Dunk Contest by performing one of the film’s iconic slams

Naturally, the entire crowd went wild, including other professional NBA basketball stars and the judges. It should be no surprise LaVine was this year’s winner. 


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Sep 032014
World’s Best Basketball Freestyle Dunks Is Epic

Athletic team Lords of Gravity specialize in mind-boggling slam dunks and basketball choreography. They truly live up to their name. Gravity is simply no big deal for the team. To make their moves even more magical, the crew allied with videographer Devin Supertramp to make this dazzling video of the Best Basketball Freestyle Dunks.


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May 072014
Epic Euroleague Pool Dunk

Turkish Airlines commissioned this epic pool dunk by Euroleague basketball stars Shawn James, Kyle Hines, Robin Benzing, and more. While chilling by the pool, the crew of superstars took turns passing the ball in an outrageous chain to create the most epic pool basketball dunk ever! The only question is, how many takes did they go through to get it right?


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