Oct 272014
Glow In The Dark Trick Shots Look Amazing

After years of churning out viral trick shot videos, it seemed that there was really nothing left. How many times can you throw a basketball into a hoop in a unique way? Somehow, the trick shot masters of Dude Perfect figured out how to make a new, creative, and original trick shot video. Four words: glow in the dark. Ya, this is what the Internet was made for!


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Oct 142014
NHL Hockey Trick Shots

The trick shot boys of Dude Perfect have really come far over the years. With over three million dedicated subscribers, they have become an online force to reckon with. Now, instead of just showing off cool sports trick shots, they have teamed up with real professional sports stars to put on an even greater show. In this episode, the crew visited the Dallas Stars, and pulled off some sweet tricks with NHL stars Jamie Benn and Tyler Segun. 


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Sep 022014
Restaurant Stereotypes

Everyone loves going out for a nice meal. But it’s almost impossible to go out without bumping into at least a couple of these annoying restaurant stereotypes. The overly friend waiter, the guy who’s pig, the people who won’t get off their phones, Dude Perfect covers them all and more in this hilarious new video. 


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