Jan 202016
Soccer Trick Shots

Around the globe, there’s no question that the most popular sport is football. Or as we call it soccer. But soccer is basically considered a children’s sports in the US. Maybe if more people saw epic soccer trick shots like in this video that would change. 


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Dec 222015
Chris Paul And Aaron Rodgers Perform Trick Shots

What’s better for a sports fan than playing with their friends? How about playing with their athletic heroes, like NBA star Chris Paul and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers? The trick shot crew of Dude Perfect had the lucky opportunity to try out some sweet tricks and stunts with the two pros in this new video


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Dec 012015
Marksman Trick Shots

Since the the firearm became mainstream hundreds of years ago, people have been practicing their aim and marksmanship. But shooting at a piece of paper or even a flying clay pigeon can get boring. So how can you take your marksmanship to the next level? The boys of Dude Perfect decided to find out in this epic rifle trick shot video


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Nov 022015
Blitzball Trick Shots

For decades, people have been playing the same sports with the same balls, such as baseball, golf, basketball, and volleyball. They’re fun games, but what about something new for a change? Finally, a new spin on a classic game has been born called Blitzball. It’s similar to baseball, except the ball has been scientifically engineered to allow the pitcher to throw crazy spinning, curving pitches. The boys at Dude Perfect demonstrate just how cool Blitzball can be in this trick shot video


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Oct 112015
Hunting Stereotypes

With the changing temperature comes the new seasons. New TV shows, new cooler temperatures, a new season of sports, and of course, the hunting season. The crazy guys of Dude Perfect cover all of the most common stereotypes you encounter when hunting in this viral video. This clip has over 3 million views!


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