Feb 162015
Epic Ping Pong Trick Shots Part 2

The trick shot crew of Dude Perfect have come a long way from their original videos demonstrating seemingly simple football and basketball trick shots. Now, they’re taking things to the extreme. After going viral with their first ping pong trick shots video that has over 13 million hits, the boys are back with another dose of ping pong epicness.  


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Jan 192015
Super Bowl Party Stereotypes

The Super Bowl has become an unofficial holiday in America. Literally billions of chicken wings and millions of slices of pizza are eaten every Super Bowl. Most people get together for a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house. And there’s always that guy. You know, the guy who won’t stop asking questions and the other who wants to rewind because he missed the touchdown. Dude Perfect covers all of the common stereotypes at Super Bowl parties in this new video


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Nov 262014
Seattle Seahawks Football Trick Shots

The trick shot bros of Dude Perfect are living the dream. Now that their channel has become so popular with 3 million dedicated fans, they get to hang out with famous athletes on a regular basis. They recently teamed up with the Seattle Seahawks to pull off some sweet football trick shots, NFL style. Lucky!


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