May 122014
Stereotypes At The Movie Theater

Summer is a great time for ice cream, pool parties, and going to the theater to see the big movies of the season. But with a packed movie theater comes those annoying stereotypes. You know, the guys who laugh too loud, ask too many loud questions, or simply talk to the actors on screen who obviously can’t hear them. Dude Perfect covers all of the most annoying movie theater stereotypes in this new video


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Mar 182014
Impossibly Awesome Trick Shots

The Web’s most famous trick shot masters Dude Perfect teamed up with RocketJump, one of YouTube’s best special effects studios. 

Together, they put on an epic show of nine impossible trick shots, all in one take. It’s amazing what you can do with CGI and computer editing. 

Sure it’s fake, but that doesn’t detract from how awesome it it. 


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