Sep 202013
Dubstep Beethoven

Dubstep is the epitome of modern music. Beethoven on the other hand is basically as classic as it gets.

Can the two music genres possibly be merged? One might think not, but musician Andrew Huang doesn’t simply stand down from a challenge. 

Some how, he was able to mix the two to create the first ever Dubstep-Beethoven


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Jul 102013

To promote their annual free Slurpee giveaway on the 11th of July, 7-11 commissioned YouTube famous Nathan Barnatt to take the company into the Internet world, and perform the ‘Slurpee Dance.’ 

As expected, he dances in seemingly inhuman ways and acts a fool with outrageous visuals and Dubstep music blasting.


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May 212013

Fueegen posted this eye-popping dance video at the start of the month, but it has only gone viral now, quickly scooping up a quarter million views.

A dancer puts on a one-of-a-kind performance, dancing to The Future Is Now by GRiZ with the incredible Pyroterra Light Toy Visual Poi light sticks.

The video is featured on SourceFed, BestOfYouTube, and KnowYourMeme.


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